Farmer Mastery

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How to Reach Mastery in Each tier* (Proficiency XP/Mastery XP)

Note*: Suggested fields to farm are chosen for the fact that they yield common ingredients in Recipes for Cooks. If desired, a different field could be farmed to achieve the same goal. Also, the figures shown are calculated on the assumption that each field will yield an average of 2 Crops, and then said Crops are processed into usable grains or vegetables (each crop that is processed provides an additional 4 craft XP).

Apprentice (200/400)

Journeyman (280/560)

Expert (360/720)

Artisan (440/880)

Master (520/1,040)

Supreme (600/1,200)

Westfold (680/1,360)

Eastemnet (760/1,520)

Westemnet (840/1,680)

Anórien (840/1,680)