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Standard Operating Procedures for NEW Editors

Using Talk Pages

Standard Operating Procedures for Senior Editors

While all Editors' primary focus tends to be on the creation and updating of content pages, there are many "behind the scenes" activities which keep this Wiki functioning and "up to date" -- Routine Housekeeping chores, if you will.

The Wiki needs the active participation of everyone to maintain its functionality as well as to maintain content.

Compared to the general User population, and even Ninja Editors, there are very few Editors, Administrators or Bureaucrats and fewer still who are active at any particular time.

This page is an attempt to document some of those behind-the-scenes activities which are so vital to the continued success of the Wiki.

As an Editor, Administrator or Bureaucrat you should regularly review the following:

Deleting Files

Users, Ninjas and editors must request pages be deleted, typically by using the template: {{Delete Page|<reason>}} ( pages so tagged wind up in Category:Articles for deletion )
Administrators and Bureaucrats:
when deleting pages you should check:
  • the page itself
  • the page history
  • the talk page
  • what links here

Adding new maps

When adding new maps, to allow the {{Tooltip Coords||}} template to function correctly, the following pages must be updated.
Detailed instructions are found on the "coords.js" page.

Tracking things to do

A useful administrative technique is to create a page with a name like "<useris>/ToDo" and head it with a table like below.

(The original table is from Sethladan.)

The upper table is a collection of links to particular administrative functions for editors. Several of those links are accompanied with counts of items in those pages.

Note the "Refresh" link on the top line. That will update the totals shown on various of the functions. This simply refreshes the page and re-displays it, thereby obtaining new counts.
Note also that you need to modify it with your <userid> and what every name you choose for the page to contain it.

The lower table is simply a list of "things to remember".

Obviously, one can manipulate the contents to suit your particular interests and tastes.

To-do List

Routine Housekeeping (<userid>/ToDo&action=purge Refresh)

Current Interests



Special Interests
Long-term Interests