Quest:Instance: A Secret Club

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Instance: A Secret Club
Level 25
Type Solo only
Starts with Ponto Oats
Starts at Oatbarton
Start Region Evendim
Map Ref [20.73S, 64.54W]
Quest Group Burglar
Class Burglar
Quest Text


You have come to Dwaling with Ponto Oats in order to deal with the brigands that have taken the town.

Objective 1

Ponto Oats is standing on the road that leads down to Dwaling.

Ponto is waiting to speak with you about your upcoming "retrieval".

Something evil is afoot in the Shire. Brigands in the employ of someone calling himself the Chief have overrun the town of Dwaling. Ponto Oats intends to give the Chief's enforcer in Dwaling second thoughts about trifling with the Shire-folk.
Ponto: 'The village of Dwaling is just down the slope, <name>, and it is full of brigands. One of the Chief's Men wields a deadly club; without this weapon, I warrant he would not be a match for even a single Man!
'Some of the brigands remain on guard, but many of the villains are sleeping by the fires near Pearlina Gamgee's house. Sneak up to those sleeping; their leader's club is likely on the ground by his resting place.
'Seize the club and return to me, <name>! But do not engage in battle! If you are seen by even one of the Chief's Men, our task ends in failure!'

Objective 2

  • Find the club
  • Avoid detection ruffians

The club for which you are seeking is on the ground by the sleeping brigands near Pearlina Gamgee's house in Dwaling.

Ponto is waiting for you to retrieve the club from near the sleeping brigands in Dwaling.

You quietly steal the club from the sleeping brigand

Objective 3

  • Talk to Ponto Oats
  • Avoid detection by ruffians

Ponto Oats is on the slope at the northern edge of Dwaling.

Ponto is waiting to hear about your retrieval of the club.

Ponto: 'You did it, <name>! We'll make an Expert Treasure Hunter out of you yet! You must give me details of the recovery while we return to Oatbarton.'
Ponto: 'Let us be off, friend <name>! I look forward to the tale of your deeds this night!'