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A World Instance is an instanced dungeon which can be joined from anywhere in Middle-earth via the Instance Finder panel without any travelling required.

  • Instances are clustered based on when they were released and match the Instance Finder clusters
  • Instances usually have quests to complete, many of which are repeatable, as well as their own Deeds. They contain boss encounters that generally drop better loot than landscape content.
  • Some instances have a set level, while others can scale up both in difficulty and rewards to match the group's level. Details for each instance are listed in the table below or see Category:Scaled Instances.
  • This page only includes instances which can be run Solo (1 man), Duo (2), in a small (3) or full fellowship (6)
  • Instances designed for larger groups (12 man fellowship) are known as Raids and are found on the Raids page
  • Instances are similar to Skirmishes, but offer more loot and don't reward Marks. Skirmishes can be found on the Skirmishes page
  • To create or update an instance page, see Template:Infobox Instances; for other locations, see Create new location.
  • There are numerous other instances and dungeons not found in the Instance Finder, see Instances or Category: Regional Instances


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