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Boilerplate:Quest is a boilerplate for ease of copy and paste into existing quest articles.
Create new quest should be used to create a new quest page without having to do most of this copy pasting yourself.

For Monster Play quests see Template:Infobox MP Quest

For help see Help:Quests.

Below, you will find sections along with pre-determined formatting and information for the created article. If you do not need a section, you don't have to copy it into your article.

The following steps should be followed when creating a new quest article:

  • Fill out values on the template as commented below.
  • Replace "(walkthrough and notes pending)" with hints and tips, delete this section only if no tips exists.
  • Specify the rewards, or replace it with "None" if needed, and remove any unused lines.
  • Add additional objectives as appropriate.
  • If this quest has pre-requisites, see the Quest Chain section below.
  • While doing the quest, turn on in-game chat logging. This is done at the chat-box. (Right click on a chat tab and select "Chat Logging/Start Logging")
  • Have the Quest Tracker window turned on. ((Options/UI Settings/Panels -- check "Show Quest Tracker" and "Automatically fill Quest Tracker."
  • Take screenshots that captures happenings and supports your memory.
  • These screenshots also provide the "Objective" text from the Quest Tracker; which is not present in the Quest Log.
    • Sometimes there are several "objectives" per the "objective" as it is read in the Quest Log after completing the quest. All of these should be listed under their main-objective heading.

Some players also enter any dialog that relates to the quest, others do not. It is not required of you but many wiki-readers enjoy the lore they provide.

Clean Copy

Copy and paste the contents of this box into a new article.

{{Infobox Quests
 | name             = 
 | level            = 
 | fellowshiptype   = 
 | repeatable       = 
 | queststarter     = [[]]
 | startinglocation = [[]]
 | region1          = 
 | maprefNS1        = 
 | maprefEW1        = 
 | questender       = 
 | endinglocation   = 
 | region2          = 
 | maprefNS2        = 
 | maprefEW2        = 
 | questgroup       = 
 | class            = 
 | profession       = 
 | race             = 
 | questchain       = DO NOT USE unless you have read and understood [[Category talk:Quest Chains]]
 | reflecting-pool  =
 | reflecting-pool2 =
{{Questbox| Walkthrough & Notes | collapsed | 
* (walkthrough and notes pending)

{{Questbox| Rewards | collapsed |
* {{worth|g=|s=|c=|dp=}}
* {{Quest Rep|faction|amount}}
* {{IXP|amount}}
* {{SXP|amount}}
* {{Quest Mathom}}
* [[Title]]
* [[Craft proficiency]]
* [[Trait]]

'''Selectable Rewards:'''
* {{Reward|Name|amount}}

{{Questbox| Quest Text ||{{toc-right}}
=== Bestowal Dialogue ===

=== Background ===

=== Objective 1 ===
* '''objective'''

=== Objective 2 ===
* '''objective'''


Commented Copy

Use this version as a reference while filling in the quest details in the pasted clean copy.

{{Infobox Quests
 | name               =              <!-- e.g. "A Fine Day", or "Instance: A Dark Road" -->
 | level              =              <!-- as read in the quest log or "Scaling" if a scaled instance quest. -->
 | fellowshiptype     =              <!-- blank or what reads WHEN YOU ACCEPT the quest (defaults to solo), e.g.
                                          Session Play/Solo/Fellowship/Small Fellowship/Raid/Solo only/Epic Battle -->
 | repeatable         =              <!-- blank or Yes or Daily, etc. -->
 | queststarter       = [[NPC]]      <!-- exact name WITH special characters if needed 
                                          or [[Landscape]] or [[Auto-bestowed]] -->
 | startinglocation   = [[Location]] <!-- the most specific of Landmark, Interior, Settlement, Area, or Region 
                                          OR blank for Auto-Bestowed quest -->
 | region1            = Region       <!-- For map-name, use better scaled map if such exists -->
 | maprefNS1          =              <!-- e.g. 12.3S (or "?" if unknown) -->
 | maprefEW1          =              <!-- e.g. 4.5E (or "?" if unknown)  -->
 | questender         = [[NPC]]      <!-- blank if quest-starter and ender is the same -->
 | endinglocation     = [[Location]] <!-- blank if starting and ending locations is the same-->
 | region2            =              <!-- blank if ditto ... or map-name as above -->
 | maprefNS2          =              <!-- blank if ditto ... or e.g. 23.4N (or "?" if unknown)  -->
 | maprefEW2          =              <!-- blank if ditto ... or e.g. 45.6W (or "?" if unknown)  -->
 | questgroup         =              <!-- blank or what reads in quest log, e.g. Epic/Eregion/Moria/... -->
 | class              =              <!-- blank or what reads in quest log, e.g. Burglar/Champion/... -->
 | profession         =              <!-- blank or what reads in quest log, e.g. Cook (crafting advancement only) -->
 | race               =              <!-- blank or what reads in quest log, e.g. Elf/Hobbit/Man/Dwarf
                                          Separate with a single slash, e.g. Hobbit/Man -->
 | questchain         =              <!-- blank or what reads in quest log. Rarely used nowadays. -->
 | reflecting-pool    = If this quest is accessible at a Reflecting Pool, specify the region here
 | reflecting-pool2   = Use this in the rare case that a quest is available in the Reflecting Pools for 2 different regions
{{Questbox| Walkthrough & Notes | collapsed | 
* (walkthrough and notes pending)

{{Questbox| Rewards | collapsed |    <!-- erase unused lines -->
* {{worth|g=|s=|c=|dp=}}
* {{Quest Rep|faction|amount}}       <!-- for quest reputation rewards, enter amount as 1,200 -->
* {{Quest Mathom}}
* [[Title]]
* [[Craft proficiency]]              <!-- for crafting advancement quests -->
* [[Trait]]                          <!-- for class quests -->
* {{IXP|amount}}                     <!-- for legendary item experience, enter amount as 9,277 -->
* {{SXP|amount}}                     <!-- for steed experience (war-steed trait trees), enter amount as 9,277 -->
* {{Reward|Name|amount}}             <!-- for items, example: {{Reward|Golden Token of the Wild|2}} -->
'''Selectable Rewards:'''            <!-- blank or exactly at this format i.e. in bold-->
* {{Reward|Name|amount}}
* {{Reward|Name|amount}}
* None

{{Questbox| Quest Text ||{{toc-right}}
=== Bestowal Dialogue ===
   <!--Copy & paste from quest log history -->

=== Background ===
   <!--Copy & paste from quest log or quest log history -->

=== Objective 1 ===
* '''objective'''                    <!-- in bold, as read WHILE DOING THE QUEST -->
Objective 1 description              <!--Copy & paste from quest log -->
   <!-- Feel free to add related dialog that is not read in the quest log, 
        then on a format so it is clear it is not from the log -->

=== Objective 2 ===
* '''objective'''
* '''perhaps another goal'''
Objective 2 description              <!-- as above -->

   <!-- add as many objective as needed -->

Quest Chain

  • If the quest shows as a Quest Chain in your Quest Log, you should use the "questchain" parameter in the quest template. This is very rare for quests after Moria, if ever.
  • For any other quest that have dependencies or in itself is a dependency on other quests, use applicable code below and directly under the template's info-box.
  • In both cases a Quest Chain box will be added to the quest page. Such a box must only contain true chains but it is allowed to include "a minor amount of related quests".
  • See Category:Quest Chains and Category talk:Quest Chains for more information on this topic.
{{Questbox| Quest Chain | collapsed | 
Something of the below

''Prerequisites: Completed the quest chain [[:Category:Example Chain Quests|Example Chain]]''

''Prerequisites: Completed both quest chains: [[:Category:Example Chain Quests|]] and [[:Category:Example Chain Quests|Example Chain]]''

''Prerequisites: Completed the quest [[Quest:Example Name|]]''

''Prerequisites: Completed the quests:''
* [1] [[Quest:Example Name|]]
* [1] [[Quest:Example Name|]]

''This quest is prerequisite for the quest [[Quest:Example Name|]]''

''This quest is prerequisite for the quests:''
* [1] [[Quest:Example Name|]]
* [1] [[Quest:Example Name|]]

Explanation of Parameters

Extra Wiki-Categories


Wiki links

The intention of the quest text is to closely match the game, without the distractions of coloured wiki links, as colours are also used there for different quest purposes.

1. Only link the first instance of the thing/person, excluding those in the quest infobox. For example, if Bilbo is mentioned tex time, only link Bilbo the first time, in the objective text. You can have a second link to something/someone in the walkthrough area if it seems appropriate for the instructions or guide.
2. Only link things in the quest objectives or in the walkthrough. The standard is not to link things that are in the words spoken, background comments, intro text or associated text. For example if the object is find a certain hobbit and the associated action says Bilbo may be in the woods, do not link Bilbo. In this case I would link certain hobbit to Bilbo in the objective.
3. If there is an NPC with a substantial speaking part in the quest, but is not mentioned in objectives, you can link their name the first time it appears, for example - Elrond says, "bla bla", you could link Elrond. Only do this if not referenced in an objective.

Dialogue and System Message Markups

Many editors and visitors appreciate that we add dialogues and system messages to the quests. Over time an ad hoc scheme has been used, with one thing in common: The extra stuff is always indented one level, to make it different from the text read in the Quest Log. Here follows a summary, as examples, so that we may use a somewhat uniform style.

NOTE: Sometimes the dialogue will make references to your specific name, race, or class in the text. If it does, replace these with {{name}}, {{race}}, or {{class}} as appropriate when including the dialogue in the quest page.

See Quest:Prologue: The Old Dourhand City for a good and short example.

Dialogue windows
:'''NPC-name''': 'Says something that is read at a dialogue window as a result of interacting with him.

:'This may be several paragraphs long.'

:''The spoken dialogue may also be interleaved with a non-spoken paragraph, such as "NPC dreams away for a moment", etc. These parts of the text are in italics.''

:'Finally, are you ready to leave? Speak with me when you want to go.'

And the result:

NPC-name: 'Says something that is read at a dialogue window as a result of interacting with him.
'This may be several paragraphs long.'
The spoken dialogue may also be interleaved with a non-spoken paragraph, such as "NPC dreams away for a moment", etc. These parts of the text are in italics.
'Finally, are you ready to leave? Speak with me when you want to go.'
From chat-log
:''NPC says, ''"Watch out, somebody is coming!"
:''Guard says, ''"No worries, it is just me."

And the result:

NPC says, "Watch out, somebody is coming!"
Guard says, "No worries, it is just me."

Repeated/spammed chat is reduced to unique lines, in arbitrary order at your discretion. Tip: It is hard to get this chat synchronized with objectives and quest progression unless you also take screenshots as you go.

System messages
:''A system message of some importance, such as "The breach revealed a hidden scroll of age"''
:''System messages are always in italics''

And the result

A system message of some importance, such as "The breach revealed a hidden scroll of age"
System messages are always in italics

Unimportant system messages should be ignored, and repeated messages are listed just once -- the visitors/readers are intelligent ;)
Should a system message "overload" the quest it would better go into the walk-through box.

Misc. Quest Types

Instance quests, and also challenges, raids, skirmishes, tasks, etc., use the same style and format as quests in general. However, those might have minor differences which we try to adapt to our common format. This section lists a few of those differences and the suggested format.

  • Instance Intros — The text that appears in the chat when entering an instance is added to the "bestowal" as is, the name of the instance excluded. Example: The Blade that was Broken