Battle of Pelennor Fields

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This page is about the different phases of the Battle of Pelennor Fields. For the area before battle, see Pelennor For the World Instances and Raid, see The Battle of Pelennor Instances.

Battle of Pelennor Fields
Region: Far Anórien
Minas Tirith (After-battle)
Levels: Mainly 105
Resource tier: 10


The Battle of Pelennor Fields is the greatest battle of the Third Age. It takes place on the Pelennor Fields, directly outside the city of Minas Tirith. After the fall of Osgiliath, Sauron's forces have moved west to besiege the city, and the arrival of the Riders of Rohan has turned the siege into a pitched battle.

The Battle of Pelennor Fields consists of five separate stages, four World Instances found in the Instance Finder panel and the quest chains Wrath and Ruin Quests and Vol. IV. Book 6: The Battle of the Pelennor Fields

  1. The Field of Onslaught, where the Riders of Rohan have taken to the field and are led by Théoden into a charge against the armies of Mordor - Dawn
    1. Blood of the Black Serpent, - 3-man World Instance
  2. Kings' End, directly after the death of both the Witch-king of Angmar and Théoden of Rohan - Early Morning
    1. The Silent Street, - 6-man World Instance
    2. Throne of the Dread Terror, 12-man World Instance
  3. Riders' Stand, where Éomer makes his would-be final stand against the renewed assault of the Enemy - Late Morning
    1. The Quays of the Harlond - 3-man World Instance
  4. The Ruin of Pel Dúven, marking the entrance of Aragorn and the Grey Company into the battle - Midday
  5. The Threshold of the City, depicting the aftermath of the greatest battle of this time - Afternoon

After you have completed all stages of the Battle of Pelennor Fields, you will have access to Minas Tirith (After-battle).

Quest Chains

Working your way through the battle stages there are opportunities to complete the World Instances in order to continue the Wrath and Ruin quest chain, but they are not required to complete Epic book 6:

Wrath and Ruin Quests
  1. [105] Wrath and Ruin, Chapter 1 - complete Blood of the Black Serpent
  2. [105] Wrath and Ruin, Chapter 2
  3. [105] Wrath and Ruin, Chapter 3 - complete The Silent Street
  4. [105] Wrath and Ruin, Chapter 4
  5. [105] Wrath and Ruin, Chapter 5 - complete The Quays of the Harlond
  6. [105] Wrath and Ruin, Chapter 6 - rewards a Shattered Gondorian Tracery
Vol. IV. Book 6: The Battle of the Pelennor Fields
Previous: Volume IV, Book 5

Vol. IV. Book 6: The Battle of the Pelennor Fields

  1. [105] Chapter 1: Bonded By Battle
  2. [105] Chapter 2: Death Comes for All
  3. [105] Chapter 3: The Grip of Despair
  4. [105] Chapter 4: The Foe Resurgent
  5. [105] Chapter 5: The Black Ships
  6. [105] Chapter 6: The Battle Rages
  7. [105] Chapter 7: A Final Vengeance
  8. [105] Chapter 8: On a Field of Red
  9. [105] Chapter 9: The City Stands

Next: Volume IV, Book 7

Vendors and Travel

  • Normal services such as vendors and horse stables are unavailable while in battle. Minas Tirith is also inaccessible during battle. However, there are horses available to take you both to and from the battle.
  • The horses to take you into the battle are available just inside the gate of Minas Tirith while the horses to take you from the battle are at various places on the battlefield and depend on which point in the battle you are at (Dawn, Early Morning, etc.).
  • Where the horses take you depends on what point you have played up to in the battle. For example, after completing the Late Morning segment and moving into the Midday segment, the horse inside Minas Tirith will only take you into the Midday segment.
  • Milestones and related skills will still work normally.

The Threshold of the City has several Quartermaster (Pelennor Battle Rewards Vendor)s these are related to the four World Instance in the The Battle of Pelennor Instances and will not provide rewards for completing the five areas.


The Field of Onslaught (Dawn)
The King's End (Early morning)
The Riders' Stand (Late morning)
The Ruin of Pel Dúven (Midday)
The Threshold of the City (Afternoon)