Lore-master Skills

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Default Skills

These skills are granted automatically as you gain levels. The effects of many of these skills are improved in various ways by your choice of specialization and how you spend your trait points. Some skills may also be replaced by an improved version of the same skill as you increase in level.

Active Skills Category Cooldown Range Level:
 Burning Embers Damage + DoT + Slow 3s 30m 1
 Wizard's Frost Damage + Heal None 40m 1
 Gust of Wind AoE 10s 40m 1
 Staff-strike Melee 3s 2.5m 1
 Friend of Bears Pet (Bear) None Self 1
 Lightning Strike Damage 10s 25m 1
 Light of Hope Heal 10s 25m 4
 Sign of Power: Command Debuff 2s 40m 6
 Blinding Flash Daze + Interrupt 15s 40m 10
 Cracked Earth AoE + Root 10s 25m 14
 Raven-lore Pet (Raven) None Self 15
 Knowledge of Cures Cure 15s 30m 16
 Power of Knowledge Damage + Power 45s 40m 16
 Bane Flare AoE Daze 1m 10m 18
 Light of the Rising Dawn Damage + Stun 30s 30m 18
 Wind-lore AoE Debuff 5s 40m 20
 Knowledge of the Lore-master Debuff 1m 40m 20
 Clever Escape Cure 2m Self 20
 Dispel Corruption Corruption 25s 25m 20
 Friend of Nature Pet (Bog-lurker) None Self 20
 Share the Power Power None 25m 22
 Sticky Gourd AoE + DoT 30s 25m 24
 Sign of Power: Righteousness Buff 18s 40m 26
 Staff-sweep AoE + Power 10s 5m 28
 Lynx-speech Pet (Lynx) None Self 30
 Wisdom of the Council Heal + Buff + Stun 5m Self 30
 Back from the Brink Revive None 25m 32
 Sign of Power: Vigilance Buff 3s 25m 32
 Sticky Tar AoE Debuff 1m 30s Self 33
 Call to the Valar Cooldown + Buff 5m Self 34
 Commune with Nature Pet (Nature Spirit) 3m Self 40
 Ancient Craft AoE Debuff 1m 10m 42
 Friend of Feline Hunters Pet (Sabre-tooth) None Self 56
 Sign of Power: See All Ends Debuff 1m 40m 58
 Improved Sign of Power: Command AoE Debuff 1.8s 40m 66
 Improved Staff-sweep AoE + Power + Buff 10s 5m 68
 Improved Burning Embers Damage + DoT + Slow 3s 30m 74
 Water-lore Heal 10s 25m 77
 Power of Knowledge Damage + Power 1m 40m 80

Combat Pet Skills

These skills are used by the Lore-master's current pet, rather than the Lore-master herself. A Lore-master may choose to manually control any of the pet's three active skills. See the individual pet pages for a more detailed explanation of each pet.

Skills and Effects Category Cooldown Range Source
 Roaring Challenge Taunt 1m10s 20m Level: 1
 Shatter Arms Debuff 1m 2.5m Level: 21
 Bear Hug Stun 1m 2.5m Level: 34
 Dizzy Passive Debuff Proc n/a 2.5m Level: 15
 Shield of the Raven's Wing Passive Buff Aura n/a ? Trait:  Raven's Protection
 Benediction of the Raven Debuff 10s 40m Level: 15
 Distraction Debuff + Damage 15s 2.5m Level: 15
 Evasion Buff 1m Self Level: 19
 Angry Bees DoT 30s 40m Level: 20
 Root Strike Damage + Debuff 30s 40m Level: 20
 Bursting Root Damage + Stun 1m 40m Level: 20
 Savage Bleed Passive DoT Proc n/a 2.5m Level: 30
 Surprise Attack Melee 10s 2.5m Level: 30
 Feral Strike AoE 2m 3m Level: 36
 Slashing Claws AoE 1m 3m Level: 41
 Frostbite AoE + Debuff 2m 5m Level: 56
 Fury of Winter AoE 2m 5m Level: 56
 Throat Slash AoE + Stun 1m 5m Level: 56
 Light of Nature Passive Debuff Aura n/a ? Level: 40
 Flashing Flank Flank Event 45s 30m Level: 40
 Nature's Light Debuff + Heal 1m 30m Level: 40
 Nature's Gift AoE Heal 1m 20m Level: 40
 Nobility Passive Power Aura n/a ? Level: baseline
 Eye Peck Interrupt ? 2.5m Level: baseline
 Fan the Flames Damage + Fear 1m 3m Level: baseline
 Beak Rend AoE Morale-tap 1m 30s 5.2m Level: baseline
 Sacrifice Combat Revive 1m 40m Level: baseline

Non-combat Pet Skills

Calls a fun non-combat pet that will follow your Lore-master's around.

Skills Found
 Rabbit-speech Tome of the Hare from the quest Lore-master: Friend of Sparrows
 Bird-speech Tome of the Sparrow bought via Reputation from Atharbain within Imlad Gelair in Rivendell
 Dog-speech Tome of the Dog dropped in Angmar
 Cat-speech Tome of the Cat dropped in Angmar
 Fox-speech Tome of the Fox dropped in Angmar
 Frog-speech Tome of the Frog dropped in Angmar
 Snake-speech Tome of the Snake dropped in the Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu (Raid)
 Squirrel-speech Tome of the Squirrel dropped in Angmar
 Turtle-speech Tome of the Turtle bought from Maneser Goodbody at the Mathom House in Michel Delving

Keeper of Animals

These skills are acquired by spending trait points in the Keeper of Animals (blue) trait tree.

Active Skills Category Cooldown Range Source
 Eagle-friend Pet (Eagle) None Self Set: Initial skill
 Inner Flame Heal + Buff 1m 40m Trait:  Inner Flame
 Catmint Buff 45s 40m Trait:  Catmint
 A Murder of Crows AoE Damage + Debuff 2m 40m Trait:  A Murder of Crows

Master of Nature's Fury

These skills are acquired by spending trait points in the Master of Nature's Fury (red) trait tree.

Active Skills Category Cooldown Range Source
 Wizard's Fire Damage + Power - 40m Set: Initial skill
 Lightning-storm AoE 1m30s 25m Trait:  Lightning-storm
 Improved Sticky Gourd AoE + DoT 30s Self Set:  Liquid Fire
 Ring of Fire AoE Damage + Debuff 30s 25m Trait:  Ring of Fire
 Ents go to War AoE Damage + Stun 5m 15m Set:  Ents go to War
 Nature's Fury AoE 1m30s 25m Trait:  Nature's Fury
 Improved Wizard's Fire AoE - 40m Set:  Flame of Anor

The Ancient Master

These skills are acquired by spending trait points in the Ancient Master (yellow) trait tree. You can only obtain the Set skills if you specialize in this tree.

Active Skills Category Cooldown Range Source
 Test of Will Tactical + Stun 1m 40m Set: Initial skill
 Fire-lore Debuff ? 40m Trait:  Fire-lore
 Frost-lore Debuff ? 40m Trait:  Frost-lore
 Storm-lore Tactical AoE Stun 2m 5m Trait:  Storm-lore
 Warding Knowledge AoE Debuff 45s Self Trait:  Warding Lore
 Beacon of Hope AoE Heal 30s 25m Trait:  Beacon of Hope
 Share the Power - Fellowship AoE Power ? 25m Trait:  Enough for Everyone
 Herb-lore AoE Root 2m 40m Trait:  Herb-lore
 Pleasant Breeze AoE Morale 10s 40m Trait:  Pleasant Breeze
 Air-lore Buff Toggle 40m Trait:  Air-lore
 The Ancient Master Buff 1m30s Self Trait:  The Ancient Master

Mounted Combat Skills

Ability Category Level Range Description
 Discipline: Rohirrim Mounted Discipline 75 Increases (War-steed) Morale and Outgoing Healing
 Discipline: Red Dawn Mounted Discipline 75 Increases damage dealt and reduces enemy's chance to resist tactical skills
 Discipline: Riddermark Mounted Discipline 75 Lore-master focuses on Beast-lore, turning their attention to the weakening or enhancement of beasts.
 Bond of the Rider Damage + Heal 75 40m Deals damage to your target and restores some of fellowship's morale and their War-steeds
 Enduring Embers Damage + Debuff 75 40m Applies a fire damage over time as well as having a chance to place a debuff on the target depending on active discipline.
 Mearas-lore Debuff 75 40m Debuffs the target, effect depends on the mounted discipline.
 Metal and Mettle Damage 75 Melee attack
 Radiant Burst Root + Slow 75 40m Root and then slow an enemy with chance of dismount.
 Sign of Power: Inspiration Debuff 75 40m On any damage, there is a 20% chance for a heal or Light damage to the enemy, depending on the mounted discipline.
 Bond of the Lore-master Power + Buff 75 40m Reduces (War-steed) Power cost of all skills and increases in-Combat Regeneration (requires the Bond of the Lore-master trait)
 Riding Companion: War Wolf Pet 75 Summons a War Wolf pet (requires the Riding Companion trait)

Passive Skills

Armour Proficiencies

Proficiency Level
 Light Armour 1

Combat Characteristics

Proficiency Level
 Friend of Bears 1
 Friend of Ravens 15
 Friend of Bog-guardians 20
 Ancient Wisdom 28
 Friend of Lynx 30
 Friend of Nature 40
 Sword and Staff 40
 Friend of Sabre-cats 56

Instrument Proficiencies

Proficiency Level
 Clarinet Use 1
 Lute Use 1
 Specialized Equipment 1
 Fiddle Use 5

Misc. Passive Skills

Proficiency Level
 Novice 5[1]
 Journeyman 10
 Adept 20
 Books of Lore 20
 Friend of the Wild 29[2]
 Master 30
 Heroic 40
  1. Granted upon completion of the Introduction Quest.
  2. Granted upon completion of the level 29 class quest Lore-master: Friend of Sparrows.

Weapon Proficiencies

Proficiency Level
 Two-handed Staves 1