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A fear refers to either a form of crowd-control or a certain type of debuff/DoT. Note that a fear is different from a terror.

Fear as crowd-control

This version can be cast by player-controlled characters.

When applied to a non-player character, it sends the target running in panic, away from the caster. The target cannot use any abilities throughout the duration of the fear. If the target is in the vicinity of any allies when the fear expires, they will join the battle, even if they were not in combat beforehand.

When applied to a player-controlled character (Ettenmoors), a fear will not send the target running. Instead, it will slow their movement considerably, as well as blocking all skill usage (with the exception of skills that are designed to counter combat states, such as Blood Rage and Resilience).

Fears generally have a medium duration and can be broken by damage. However, most fears cannot be broken within the first few seconds of being cast. In addition, a pre-existing DoT will not break a fear if it was applied by the caster of the fear. Before expiration, a fear can also be overwritten by another incoming fear, daze, stun or root.

See also Feared, the effect caused by a fear.

Fear as debuff/DoT

This version can be cast by Non-player Characters and Monster Players.

When applied to a player-controlled character, it will first check against the target's Fear resistance. If the check succeeds, the fear lands and is applied to the target. For damage over time effects, every individual damage pulse will also check against Fear resistance. If that check fails, no damage is applied.

Fears come in a variety of versions, including:

Such as Distraught and Chilled
Such as Fright
Such as Greater Shadow Vulnerability
  • Fear resistance rating debuffs
Such as Greater Susceptibility to Fear
  • Impending fears
Such as Suppressed Fear and Fear Arrow

A list of fear effects can be found here.

A fear effect can be removed by a fear potion or fear salve, as well as some skills (such as Muster Courage).