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River Hobbits

The last of their kind remaining east of the Misty Mountains, River Hobbits are a lithe and silvan folk, steeped in wood-lore and attuned to the mountains where they remain hidden.

River Hobbits were added with Update 37 - The Humble Homes of the Holbytlan - August 29, 2023 as a purchase available through the Lotro Store via bundle choices.

River Hobbits will be available to purchase as a standalone item in the LOTRO Store in February 2024 for 1000 LOTRO Points.

Playable Classes: Brawler, Burglar, Captain, Champion, Guardian, Hunter, Lore-master, Mariner, Minstrel, Rune-keeper, Warden

Starting Area: Lyndelby / Mossward

River Hobbit Names

  • River Hobbits still use the olden names of their kind, drawing on ancient Celtic and Germanic tongues.
  • For men:
    • Common prefixes are Agil-, Alb-, Amal-, Arn-, Bald-, Bern-, Broch-, Burg-, Cara-, Child-, Dud-, Ed-, Ellan-, Elu-, Era-, Fara-, Fridu-, Geb-, Glad-, Gorthi-, Gundi-, Hari-, Hil-, Ingi-, Lof-, Lundi-, Mahal-, Mer-, Mor-, Mund-, Nor-, Odal-, Ord-, Ot-, Ragin-, Rodi-, Roth-, Rudi-, Stig-, Thudi-, Udu-, Una-, Urb-, Wara-, Wido-, and Wyn-.
    • Common name endings are -an, -bern, -bert, -cant, -doc, -frith, -gal, -girn, -hal, -hard, -ig, -lach -mal, -min, -noth, -ram, -red, -seth, -vald, -werth, and -win.
    • Some examples are Athelmar, Cadvan, Gerbald, Meginard, and Rotri.
  • For women:
    • Common prefixes are Adal-, Amal-, Anar-, Auda-, Blod-, Brun-, Cara-, Cin-, Dil-, Dun-, Ead-, El-, Fion-, Fritha-, Glad-, Glyn-, Gwen-, Haf-, Hele-, Léof-, Luda-, Mair-, Mild-, Ragen-, Rhian-, Ros-, Sera-, Tara-, and Wili-.
    • Common name endings are -ban, -berga, -bryn, -dis, -dolen, -drud, -ed, -eri, -flad, -gara, -gund, -hith, -ian, -lag, -lind, -rid, -switha, -thryth, -weth, and -wyn.
    • Some examples are Angharad, Clotild, Irmingard, Odilia, and Rosyn.

River Hobbit Origins

Passive Skills

 Hardy Holbytlan: [+6800 at Level 150] Maximum Morale
 Seclusion Breeds Suspicion: [-477 at Level 150] Will
 Slippery Like a Fish: [+1,200 at Level 150] Agility
 Swimmer: +1% Frost Mitigation
Allows the use of daggers, regardless of class. Daggers have a small chance of inflicting a critical hit when performing melee auto-attacks.

Hobbit Traits and Deeds

For details see River Hobbit Traits

Trait Description Level Deed
River-folk +25 Fishing Skill 13 Enmity of the Wolves (50)
Hobbit-silence Enables Hobbit-silence feign-death ability, 30 min cooldown 19 Enmity of the Wolves II (100)
Guile and Tactics Bonus +5% to yellow and blue Fellowship Manoeuvre skills 19 Enmity of the Wood-trolls (50)
River Hobbit Spear and Dagger-damage Bonus +5% Spear Damage, +5% Dagger Damage 25 Enmity of the Wood-trolls II (100)
Seen the World [+1,200 at Level 150] Will 19 Enmity of the Orcs and Goblins (50)
Way with Water +5% Frost-type Damage, +3% Lightning-type Damage 25 Enmity of the Orcs and Goblins II (100)
Elusive Catch Grants the skill Elusive Catch 30 Enmity of the Orcs and Goblins III (200)
Virtuous River Hobbit +1 Innocence, Mercy, and Wit 25 Friend of the Forsaken
Return to Lyndelby Grants the skill Return to Lyndelby 125 Back And There Again

These are obtained via completion of River Hobbit Racial Deeds.

River Hobbits of Lore