Warden Effects

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 Adroit Manoeuvre
 Adroit Manoeuvre - Induction Reduction
 A Warden's Cunning - Tier 1, A Warden's Cunning - Tier 2 and A Warden's Cunning - Tier 3
 A Warden's Skill - Tier 1, A Warden's Skill - Tier 2 and A Warden's Skill - Tier 3
 A Warden's Strength - Tier 1, A Warden's Strength - Tier 2 and A Warden's Strength - Tier 3
 Battering Strikes - Tier 1
 Battering Strikes - Tier 2
 Battering Strikes - Tier 3
 Behind the Shield - Marked
 Brink of Victory Light Pulse
 Careful Step
 Darkest Before Dawn
 Deadly Force
 Defiant Challenge
 Desolation Light Pulse
 Diminished Target
 Enduring Advanced Shieldwork
 Enduring Advanced Evasion
 Enduring Advanced Armour Use
 Enduring Armour Use
 Enduring Evasion
 Enduring Expert Armour Use
 Enduring Expert Evasion
 Enduring Expert Shieldwork
 Enduring Shieldwork
 Enduring Tactical Armour Use
 Exultation of Battle Morale-tap
 Fellowship Protector - Tier 1-10
 Fierce Resolve Morale-tap
 Finishing Blow - Impressive Flourish
 Finishing Blow - Persevere
 Finishing Blow - War-cry
 Fire at Will
 Force Attack
 Forced March
 Hampering Javelin
 In the Fray
 Improved Hampering Javelin
 Low Bleed - Barbed Javelins
 Low Bleed - Quick Sweep
 Major Bleed - Barbed Javelins
 Marked Target
 Medium Bleed - Quick Sweep
 Mighty Blow
 Mighty Blow Bleed
 Minor Light Pulse
 Moderate Bleed - Barbed Javelins
 Never Surrender
 Persevere Gambit Chain - Step 1
 Piercing Strike - Light Damage over Time
 Power Attack
 Power Attack Bleed
 Precise Blow - Light Damage over Time
 Quick Stab - Melee Damage Bonus
 Quick Thrust - Incoming Healing
 Quick Toss - Bloodied
 Quick Toss - Hasty Assault
 Redirected Attacks
Resounding Challenge (Effect)
 Seize the Moment
 Severe Bleed - Barbed Javelins
 Shield-bash - Block
 Shield-blast - Morale-tap Enhancement
 Shield Mastery
 Shield Piercer
 Shield's Up!
 Shield Tactics
 Spear of Virtue - Light Damage over Time
Stinging Bleed - Tier 3
 Suppression - Tier 1
 Suppression - Tier 2
 Suppression - Tier 3
 Surety of Death Light Pulse
 Tier 1 Heal over Time
Tier 2 Light Damage - Vicious Offence
 Tier 2 Heal over Time
Tier 3 Light Damage - Vicious Offence
 Tier 3 Heal over Time
 Tier 4 Heal over Time
 Unerring Strike Bleed
 Wall of Steel - Parry
 War-cry Gambit Chain - Step 1
 Warden's Scorn - Cry Resistance
 Warden's Taunt
 Warden's Taunt - Critical Chance Bonus
 Warden's Taunt - Critical Damage Bonus
 Warden's Taunt - Outgoing Damage Debuff
 Warden's Triumph
 Warning Shot