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General information

Effects can appear on your character or your opponent.

  • Active effects are displayed under the "Character Vitals" display (i.e. your character or your opponent's portrait).
  • They can also be displayed in Fellowship and Raid displays.
  • They can refer to buffs or debuffs, and can be seen on both you (and your fellowship/raid members) as well as on your opponents.
  • Notice that many effects are tiered, so that the same-name effect exists in more than one strength.
  • A Lua plugin called "Buff Bars" can display buffs and/or debuffs which are active on your character, as well as a "countdown" slider indicating "time remaining" for any particular effect. Visit: www.lotrointerface.com for more information on BuffBars.

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Armour Effects

 Armour Rend
 Aura of Primal Frost
 Breached Armour

Class Effects

Notice that many class effects are tiered, so that the same-name effect exists in more than one strength.

Crafting Effects

 Cooking Lore
 Farming Lore
 Foresting Lore
 Jeweller Lore
 Metalworking Lore
 Prospecting Lore
 Scholar Lore
 Tailoring Lore
 Weaponsmithing Lore
 Woodworking Lore

Defence Effects

 Block Response
 Parry Response
 Temporary State Immunity

Disease Effects

 Diseased Feebleness
 Diseased Frailty
 Minor Disease  Drains Power every 3 seconds for 12 seconds
 Minor Diseased Frailty
 Sap Power
 Virulent Cloud

Dread Effects


Drinking Effects

 Drunk Drunk Drunk
 Huh? Where's my Pants?
 Horribly Ill
 Maze Time
 Party Time
 Wha...wait...what? Where?
 You've Muddled Your Wits!

Fear Effects

 Embedded Wooden Tooth
 Hounding Fear
 Shadow Aura

Food Effects

 Full (buff)
 Food Bonus
 Food Bonus (Power)

Heat Effects

 Burning Oil
 Searing Heat

Hope Effects

 Dull Edhelharn Token: Give Hope

Movement Effects

 Falling Injuries
 Flee the Scene
 Frost-fingered Fear ("terrored")
 Knocked Out
 Slime Puddle
 Snaring Net
 Special Delivery!

Pet Effects

 Benediction of the Raven
 Distraction Distraction
 Ranged Critical Chance
 Savage Bleed
 Shatter Arms
 Shield of the Raven's Wing
 Swarm of Bees

Poison Effects

 Crippling Poison
 Embedded Slimy Tooth
 Latent Poison
 Minor Poison
 Susceptibility to Poison

Session Play Effects

Chicken Play Effects

 Bob and Weave
 Fowl Fleetness
 Possum Impersonation

Wound Effects

 Deep Wound
 Light Injury
 Light Wound
 Minor Dislocation
 Minor Injury
 Minor Laceration
 Minor Sprain  -20% Run Speed and -20*level Evade Rating for 5-30s
 Serious Wound
 Vicious Bite


(These effects have been observed, but their source is not obvious. Please feel free to place them in their proper categories.)

 Distracting Cloud
 Aura: Healer's Inspiration
 Aura of Blood
 Aura of Death
 Bane's Mark
 Enemy Defenders - U20 approaching the Black Gate

PvMP effects

 A Quiet Calm
 Akúlhun's Challenge
 Arador's End Outpost
 Capture Available
 Coldfells Outpost
 Enhanced Abilities
 Fragment of Mordírith's Crown
 Gift of the Eye
 Grimwood Lumber Camp
 Isendeep Mine
 Isendeep Outpost
 Lainedhel's Call to Arms
 Level Scaling
 Monster Play (Effect)
 Peace and Quiet
 River Outpost
 Strength of Arms
 Swift Passage
 The Gift of Carrock
 Tol Ascarnen
 Tírith Rhaw
 Watchful Gaze

Destiny Point "Perks"

 Accomplished Determination
 Accomplished Resolve
 Accomplished Strength