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Game Guides Topics: Getting Started, Game Terms, Commands, Character, Grouping, Music, Travelling
A partial collection of links to various guides to LOTRO found on the Lotro-Wiki.

General Guides

General information about your character.

Gameplay Guides

Quests and adventuring are essential to levelling your character. Here's some help in how to do that!

Crafting Guides

Crafting in Middle-earth is your character's chance to shine. A character can craft many things that will increase stats and give you a better chance of survival!



As a young adventurer you have the opportunity to choose your professions early on in the game. These guides will give you a chance to understand what you can do with each profession.


Mastery Components

Life in Middle-earth guides

For the Role-player at heart or for those just curious about what your character can do outside levelling, look here.

Guides for Game Mechanics

Anything from Keyboard shortcuts to Emotes to Game Terms, you'll find it here.

See also

List of Guides - a collection of links to Game guides on other web sites.