Champion Tracery Index

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Tracery Skill Attribute(s) Trait Tree Values Stat Attribute Values
Adamant/Invincible Duration & Unbreakable Damage Adamant/InvincibleDuration
Unbreakable Damage
The Martial Champion +4-5.5
Physical Mitigation +426-41039
Battle Frenzy Cooldown Battle Frenzy Cooldown The Deadly Storm -16-22 Incoming Healing Rating +340-32659
Blade Wall Damage Blade Wall Damage +40-55% Physical Mastery Rating +275-26454
Bracing Attack Heal Bracing Attack Heal +8-11% Incoming Healing Rating +340-32659
Brutal Strikes Damage Brutal Strikes Damage The Berserker +40-55% Physical Mastery Rating +275-26454
Devastating Strike Damage Devastating Strike Damage The Berserker +28-38.5% Finesse Rating +340-32659
Dire Need Cooldown & Power Cost Dire Need Cooldown
Dire Need Power Cost
The Martial Champion -24-33
Vitality +23-1710
Ebbing Ire Cooldown & Tactical Mitigation Ebbing Ire Cooldown
Ebbing Ire Tactical Mitigation
The Berserker -48-66
Tactical Mitigation +227-21887
Exchange of Blows Melee Damage Exchange of Blows Melee Damage The Deadly Storm +28-38.5% Vitality +23-1710
Fear Nothing Cooldown & Incoming Healing Fear Nothing Cooldown
Fear Nothing Incoming Healing
Incoming Healing Rating +340-32659
Feral/Savage Strikes Damage Feral/Savage Strikes Damage +40-55% Physical Mastery Rating +275-26454
Ferocious Strikes Cooldown & Damage Ferocious Strikes Cooldown
Ferocious Strikes Damage
The Berserker -4-5.5
Critical Rating +289-27760
Fight On Critical Chance Buff Fight On Melee Critical Chance +8-11% Vitality +23-1710
Fury of Blades Damage Fury of Blades Damage from Fervour The Deadly Storm +28-38.5% Might +30-2940
Great Cleave Duration Great Cleave Duration The Deadly Storm +8-11 Finesse Rating +340-32659
Hamstring Damage & Duration Hamstring Damage
Hamstring Duration
Evade Rating +340-32659
Horn of Gondor Damage & Mitigation Debuff Horn Damage
Horn of Gondor Mitigation Debuff
Parry Rating +340-32659
Merciful Strike Damage Merciful Strike Damage +28-38.5% Critical Rating +289-27760
Raging Blade Damage Raging Blade Damage The Deadly Storm +28-38.5% Physical Mastery Rating +275-26454
Remorseless Strikes Damage Relentless/Remorseless Strikes Damage The Berserker +28-38.5% Finesse Rating +340-32659
Rend Bleed Damage Rend Bleed Damage The Deadly Storm +40-55% Physical Mastery Rating +275-26454
Riposte Damage Riposte Damage The Martial Champion +28-38.5% Parry Rating +340-32659
Sprint Duration & Evasion Chance Sprint Duration
Spring Evade Chance
Evade Rating +340-32659
Sudden Defence Cooldown & Bubble Magnitude Sudden Defence Cooldown
Champion Skill Bubble Magnitude
The Martial Champion -12-16.5
Tactical Mitigation +227-21887
Swift Strike and Blade Damage & Power Restore Swift Strike/Blade Damage
Swift Strike/Blade Power Restore
Physical Mastery Rating +275-26454
Wild Attack Damage Wild Attack Damage +40-55% Might +30-2940


  • Only Stat Attributes increase in value from Enhancement Runes. Skill Attributes do not increase in value.
  • Values for Skill Attributes range from the value on an Uncommon quality Tracery to the value on a Legendary quality Tracery.
  • Values for Stat Attributes range from the value on an unenhanced level 45-95 Tracery (Item Level 51) to the value on an unenhanced level 131-150 Tracery (Item Level 450).

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