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Damage over time and debuff effects such as Wounds, Fears, Diseases, and Poisons can be removed by certain consumable items and skills. This is known as curing the DoT or status effect.

Potions or Salves

See Potions/Salves for a list of all consumables.

Curing Skills

Every class has access to at least one skill that can cure wounds and other debuffs:

Class Skills
Beorning  Cleanse
Brawler  Ignore Pain
Burglar  Cure Poison
 Burglar's Antidote
Captain  Muster Courage
Champion  Fear Nothing!
Guardian  Ignore the Pain
Hunter  Purge Poison
Lore-master  Knowledge of Cures
 Improved Knowledge of Cures
Mariner  Belly of Brine
 Cleansing Spirits
Minstrel  Story of Courage
Rune-keeper  Scribe a New Ending
Warden  First Aid

Additionally, each class acquires a skill at level 20 that can be used to shake off dazes, stuns or knockdowns.