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  • Cannot move. Damage has a moderate chance to end this state.
  • Duration: ...s

Combat Relationship

Various creatures, especially Spiders, Goblins and Orcs, can cause this effect.
Wraiths and Shades can reflect this effect upon any incoming Common, Westernesse, Ancient Dwarf-make or Fire damage (Terrible Retribution).
Suppressed Fear applies this effect upon expiration.

Skill Relationship

The following skills invoke this effect on an enemy target (unless immune): Burglar:

 A Small Snag /  Quite a Snag: 15s duration; 30s with Little Annoyances equipped, 1 target.


 Penetrating Shot with 4 traits in the Trapper of Foes line: duration 30s, 1 target.
 Rain of Thorns: duration 30s, 5 targets; up to 10 targets with a legacy.


 Cracked Earth: duration 30s, 5 targets.
 Herb-lore: duration 30s, 3 targets; 8 targets with the Deep Lore trait equipped.


 Throw Bolas: duration 15s, 7 targets.