Lore-master Tracery Index

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Tracery Skill Attribute(s) Trait Tree Values Stat Attribute Values
Air Lore Reflect Potency Charged Air Reflect Damage The Ancient Master +14-19.25% Evade Rating +340-32659
Ancient Craft Duration Armour Debuff Duration +2-5 Finesse Rating +340-32659
Beacon of Hope Heal Beacon of Hope Heal The Ancient Master +40-55% Outgoing Healing Rating +679-65318
Burning Embers Critical Chance & Multiplier Burning Embers Critical Chance
Burning Embers Critical Magnitude
Critical Rating +389-27760
Burning Embers Initial Damage Burning Embers Initial Damage +40-55% Tactical Mastery Rating +275-26454
Cracked Earth Damage Cracked Earth Damage +40-55% Tactical Mastery Rating +275-26454
Ents Go To War Damage & Cooldown Ents Go To War Base Damage
Skill Cooldown
Master of Nature's Fury +40-55%
Tactical Mastery Rating +275-26454
Fire-lore Debuff Magnitude Melee Damage Debuff The Ancient Master +2-2.75% Finesse Rating +340-32659
Gust of Wind Damage Gust of Wind Damage +40-55% Tactical Mastery Rating +275-26454
Inner Flame Base Healing Inner Flame Base Healing Keeper of Animals +40-55% Outgoing Healing Rating +679-65318
Light of the Rising Dawn Damage & Critical Multiplier Light of the Rising Dawn Damage
Light of the Rising Dawn Base Critical Damage
Critical Rating +389-27760
Lightning Skills Critical Chance & Multiplier Lightning Skills Critical Chance
Lightning Skills Critical Damage
Critical Rating +389-27760
Lightning-storm Damage Lightning-storm Damage Master of Nature's Fury +28-38.5% Tactical Mastery Rating +275-26454
Nature's Fury Skill Damage Nature's Fury Skill Damage Master of Nature's Fury +40-55% Tactical Mastery Rating +275-26454
Pet Attack Duration Pet Attack Duration -14-19.25% Will +30-2939
Pet Morale Pet Morale +14-19.25% Vitality +23-1710
Power Restored Power Restored +28-38.5% Vitality +23-1710
Ring of Fire Damage Ring of Fire Damage Master of Nature's Fury +40-55% Will +30-2939
Signs of Power Durations & Debuff Signs of Power Durations
Signs of Power: Debuff Magnitude
Evade Rating +340-32659
Staff Skill Damage Staff Skill Damage +40-55% Finesse Rating +340-32659
Sticky Gourd Direct Damage Sticky Gourd Base Direct Damage +40-55% Tactical Mastery Rating +275-26454
Storm-lore Damage Storm-lore Damage The Ancient Master +40-55% Will +30-2939
Target Resistance: Damaging Skills Target Resistance vs. Attacks -8-11% Finesse Rating +340-32659
Target Resistance: Debuffing Skills Target Resistance vs. Debuffs -8-11% Finesse Rating +340-32659
Test of Will Damage & Devastate Multiplier Test of Will Damage
Test of Will Devastate Damage
The Ancient Master +40-55%
Critical Rating +389-23200


  • Only Stat Attributes increase in value from Enhancement Runes. Skill Attributes do not increase in value.
  • Values for Skill Attributes range from the value on an Uncommon quality Tracery to the value on a Legendary quality Tracery.
  • Values for Stat Attributes range from the value on an unenhanced level 45-95 Tracery (Item Level 51) to the value on an unenhanced level 131-150 Tracery (Item Level 450).

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