Hunter Tracery Index

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Tracery Skill Attribute(s) Trait Tree Values Stat Attribute Values
Barrage Damage Barrage Damage Huntsman +28%-38.5% Physical Mastery Rating +275-26454
Beneath Notice Cooldown Beneath Notice Cooldown -96-132 Incoming Healing Rating +340-32659
Burn Hot Damage Burn Hot Damage Bowmaster +28-38.5% Finesse Rating +340-32659
Cry of the Hunter Bubble Bubble Potency +28-38.5% Evade Rating +340-32659
Distracting Shot Cooldown & Resistance Reduction Distracting Shot Cooldown
Distracting Shot Resistance Chance
Finesse Rating +340-32659
Explosive Arrow Damage Explosive Arrow Damage Trapper of Foes +28-38% Physical Mastery Rating +275-26454
Focus Bow Critical Multiplier Focus Bow Critical Multiplier
Focus Bow Power Cost
Critical Rating +289-27760
Heart Seeker Damage Heart Seeker Damage Bowmaster +40-55% Critical Rating +289-27760
Induction Bow Critical Multiplier Induction Bow Critical Multiplier +12-16.5% Critical Rating +289-27760
Induction Bow Damage Induction Bow Damage +28-38.5% Agility +30-2939
Lingering Wound Damage Lingering Wound Damage Trapper of Foes +28-38.5% Physical Mastery Rating +275-26454
Merciful Shot Cooldown & Critical Multiplier Merciful Shot Cooldown
Merciful Shot Critical Damage
Critical Rating +289-27760
Needful Haste Duration Needful Haste Duration Bowmaster +12-16.5 Evade Rating +340-32659
Precision: Quick Shot Critical Chance & Magnitude Quick Shot Critical Chance in Precision Stance
Quick Shot Critical Magnitude
Critical Rating +289-27760
Precision Stance Critical Magnitude Precision Stance Critical Magnitude +36-49.5% Critical Rating +289-27760
Press Onward Cooldown & Heal Press Onward Cooldown
Press Onward Morale/Power Heal
Huntsman -36-49.5
Incoming Healing Rating +340-32659
Quick Shot Damage Quick Shot Damage +28-38.5% Finesse Rating +340-32659
Rain of Arrows Damage Rain of Arrows Damage Bowmaster +28-38.5% Physical Mastery Rating +275-26454
Ranged Attack Evade & Block Chance Ranged Skill Block Chance Modifier
Ranged Skill Evade Chance Modifier
Finesse Rating +340-32659
Strength of the Earth Morale Regen Improved Strength of the Earth Morale Regen Huntsman +40-55% Vitality +23-1710
Strength: Quick Shot Slow & Focus Chance Strength Quick Shot Slow
Quick Shot Bonus Focus Application Chance
Evade Rating +340-32659
Strength Stance Damage Strength Stance Damage +4.8-6.6% Physical Mastery Rating +275-26454
Swift Bow Damage Swift Bow Damage +28-38.5% Agility +30-2939
Trap Damage Trap Damage +28-38.5% Agility +30-2939
Upshot Damage Upshot Damage Bowmaster +28-38.5% Agility +30-2939


  • Only Stat Attributes increase in value from Enhancement Runes. Skill Attributes do not increase in value.
  • Values for Skill Attributes range from the value on an Uncommon quality Tracery to the value on a Legendary quality Tracery.
  • Values for Stat Attributes range from the value on an unenhanced level 45-95 Tracery (Item Level 51) to the value on an unenhanced level 131-150 Tracery (Item Level 450).

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