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Bree-land is a region found within the land of Eriador.

This region has withstood the test of time; managed to remain a thriving outpost of civilization, and is for the most part unaware of the turmoil and war going on around it thanks to the protection of the Rangers of the North.

Bree-land's main settlements of Bree, Staddle, Combe, and Archet are home to both Men and Hobbit, the only land in Middle-earth where Men and Hobbits dwell together in harmony. This region is also a central location for Dwarves and Elves to come for trade and commerce and move through to the other regions of Eriador.

"During the War of the Ring, Bree-land was threatened by both Isengard and Angmar. Saruman's thugs and half-orcs came up from the south and barricaded the Greenway at Andrath. Angmar temporarily secured the allegiance of the Blackwold bandit gang and invaded the northernmost reaches of the region with orcs." — Bree-land


Eastern Bree-fields
Nen Harn
The Brandywood
The Midgewater Marshes

Areas-icon.png Areas

(Ordered by main quest-level)
Archet Dale



Bree — Capital of Bree-land


The Midgewater Marshes

  • Quests: mainly 14 - 15


Southern Bree-fields

Northern Bree-fields


  • Quests: mainly 15 - 16

Far Chetwood

  • Creatures: mainly 16 - 18

Brandy Hills

  • Creatures: mainly 16 - 21

Old Forest

Starmere Lake

  • Creatures: mainly 17 - 18

Northern Barrow-downs

Hengstacer Farm

  • Farmstead: Stable-master, Horse-master for horse and pony bartering
  • Quests: mainly 20 - 21

The Horsefields

Eastern Bree-fields

  • Quests: mainly 20 - 21

Nen Harn

  • Quests: mainly 20 - 21

The Brandywood

  • Creatures: mainly 20 - 22

Southern Barrow-downs

Weather Hills

  • Quests: mainly 22 - 23

The Wildwood

Settlements-icon.png Settlements

Point of Interest-icon.png Landmarks

Interiors-icon.png Interiors


Player Housing

Bree-land Homesteads [34.3S, 45.7W]
  • Breeland Homesteads

Quest-icon.png Quests

For more detail, see Bree-land Quests

Bree-land Quests(22 C, 177 P)

Admin-title-icon.png Deeds

For more detail, see Bree-land Deeds
Bree-land Deeds(9 C, 2 P)

Explorer-title-icon.png Titles

For more detail, see Bree-land Titles
Bree-land Titles(6 C, 2 P)

Reputation-icon.png Reputations


Bree-land Creatures(7 C, 441 P)


Combe Crafting Hall

Crafting Tier(s):

  • Apprentice, Journeyman, Expert, Master

Resource Locations:

Crafting Facilities:

Primarily: Three-farrow Crafting Hall in Bree


Race of Man-icon.png

The Bree-land area was settled in the Second Age by Men from Dunland. Surviving the wars and chaos of that time, it became part of the kingdoms of Arnor, and then Arthedain (though the region from Bree to Weathertop was claimed by Cardolan). Bree was by its nature a trading community, due to being located at the major crossroads of the Great East Road and north-southbound Greenway.

Around T.A. 1300 Bree, as well as Staddle, saw the arrival of the Hobbits who were fleeing from Angmar. In T.A. 1601 a large population of Hobbits left Bree and went west beyond Baranduin and founded a new country within Arthedain, the Shire. —


Map of Bree-land

Bree-land maps

Map of Bree-land Schematic Bree-land map by Varghedin Cardolan Swanfleet and surroundings map.jpg Eriador by Varghedin

Annotated Bree-land Maps

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