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Bree-land is located at the centre of Eriador, surrounded by the Shire, Evendim, The North Downs, and the Lone-lands. Bree-land and its settlements has managed to remain a thriving outpost of civilization, despite the wars and turmoil that destroyed the North Kingdom of the Dúnedain.

It is said that when Men crossed into the West, the town of Bree was there... and that when the old Kings returned, they found the town of Bree waiting. It is the only land in Middle-earth where Men and Hobbits dwell together in harmony and is also an important hub for Elves and Dwarves who are trading goods or travelling from one kingdom to another.

Bree is the capital of Bree-land. It is located at the junction of the royal Great East Road and North-South Roads, right at the slopes of Bree-hill together with the villages of Archet, Combe, and Staddle. The natural epicentre of Bree is the Prancing Pony, run by a renowned but somewhat forgetful tavern keep who is celebrated to have the finest ale in the North.

* Bree-land means "land around the hill" as "brú" roughly means "hill" in Old English ("brae" in Scottish).



Bree is first mentioned in annals in III 1300, but then it already existed long since as also the lands wide around the hill. The exact history of Bree-land and its capital is not specified by Tolkien. References suggest that the first residents may have been groups of the Edain who did not make it all the way to Beleriand during the First Age; or, they may have descended from the Dunlendings. However, both these origins share their roots in ancient families so existing references are not contradicting; their characteristics denote the Bree-men.





Notable Locations


Player housing in Bree-land is located south-east of Bree, south of the Midgewater Marshes.

Points of Interest

Locations mentioned in Tolkien's works (also all towns and villages):


Old Forest


Instances (Dungeons)


Hengstacer Farm
Midgewater Marshes
Nen Harn
Northern Barrow-downs
Old Forest


  • Quests: 15 - 16

Archet Dale

Brandy Hills

  • Creatures: mainly 14 - 15


The Brandywood

  • Quests and mobs: mainly 20 - 22, 30




Eastern Bree-fields

  • Quests and creatures: mainly 20 - 21

Far Chetwood

  • Creatures: mainly 16 - 18

Hengstacer Farm

  • Area as well as farmstead
  • Quests: mainly 20 - 21

The Horsefields

The Midgewater Marshes

  • Quests: mainly 14 - 15

Nen Harn

  • Quests: mainly 20 - 21

Northern Barrow-downs

Northern Bree-fields

Old Forest

Southern Barrow-downs

  • Public dungeons: The Great Barrow, from level 20
  • Quests: mainly 20 - 24, also higher level quests

Southern Bree-fields


Starmere Lake

  • Creatures: mainly 17 - 18

Weather Hills

  • Quests: mainly 22

Connected To


Three-farrow Crafting Hall

Crafting areas

All crafting areas contain facilities for all Professions except Farming.
All facilities qualify as both "standard" and "superior."

Individual facilities

Resource Tiers

Eastern Bree-fields, Far Chetwood, The Horsefields,
Northern Barrow-downs, Northern Bree-fields,
Old Forest, Southern Barrow-downs, Southern Bree-fields,
Starmere Lake, Weather Hills

Named Creatures Shard Collectors List

Each of these creatures is the rare, signature, tougher, named version and all have a high change to drop a rare shard used in crafting.



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Bree-land Detailed Maps

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Category Overview

Detailed list of all things by Category:

Settlements, Areas and Landmarks of Bree-land
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Settlements and Landmarks of Bree
Settlements: Bree
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Settlements and Landmarks of Combe
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Settlements and Landmarks of Staddle
Settlements: Staddle
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