Great Barrow: Thadúr

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Great Barrow: Thadúr
Level: 20 - 150
Size: Fellowship
Cluster: Shadows of Angmar
Region: Bree-land
Area: Southern Barrow-downs
Location: [33.8S, 55.8W]

Great Barrow: Thadûr is a World Instance within the Great Barrow. [33.8S, 55.8W]

This is the second of three instances within the Great Barrow, the first is Great Barrow: The Maze and the third is Great Barrow: Sambrog.



Fellowship quests:


Main Chamber
  • Gaunt Battle-callers can stun as well as inflict a disease that, if not cured in time, stuns you for 15 seconds and drains all of your power. Bring disease potions or a Lore-master with Proof Against All Ills traited.
  • Barrow-wight Callers have a vomit attack that causes a Vitality-debuffing disease. They can be dazed or stunned to interrupt this attack.
  • When defeated, Callers also drop a disease cloud that causes a Might/Agility-debuffing disease. Move through the cloud quickly to avoid catching it.
  • Clear out the bottom floor before killing the 3 wights upstairs in the main room, as this will activate the Chilled Barrow-light event.

Chilled Barrow-lights

  • Once the 3 upstairs wights are killed, a single light spawns in the center of the main room. Lights will follow nearby players but will not aggro until they are attacked. The challenge begins once the first light is killed.
  • In each round, new lights spawn in random corners of the main room and must all be aggroed within 15 seconds or the challenge will reset. They do not all need to be killed within that time, just engaged in combat.
  • Each round adds another light, up to 4. Players should spread out to the corners and pick up the lights, then bring them to the center so they can be AOEd together.
  • At higher levels, the lights use an induction at low morale that causes massive AOE damage, so kill them quickly at that point or interrupt them.

Thadúr the Ravager

  • Thadúr has the same stun abilities as the Gaunt Battle-callers, so bring disease potions or a Lore-master. Power potions or blue Conjunctions also help with the power drains.
  • Each time he loses a quarter of his morale, he will become invincible and summon several adds which must be killed in order to make him vulnerable again. Make sure the DPSers switch to these mobs or their attacks will just be absorbed.
  • When running Challenge mode, all mobs gain damage reflection after the second wave of adds. DPSers should slow down at this point to give the healer(s) time to catch up. Bleeds and DoTs are preferable since they are not affected by damage reflection.

Notice: If the fight exits the hall the encounter resets.


Commented Map of The Great Barrow

Level 85 Loot




The single side chamber within the instance Entry hallway of the barrow