Sprigley's Cellar

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Sprigley's Cellar
Region: Bree-land
Area: Archet Dale
Landmark: Sprigley's Farm
Location: [27.9S, 48.3W]

Sprigley's Cellar is a dungeon within Archet Dale, in Bree-land. [27.9S, 48.3W]

Cellar Entrance
Cave Entrance

This public dungeon is overrun by spiders seeking a certain dwarf who is visiting the nearby town of Archet. Originally a maze of tunnels and caverns stretching across the dale, the spiders eventually broke through the adjacent wall of a cellar beneath Cal Sprigley's farm.

This has driven the Sprigley family out of their farm, to where they now take refuge in Archet as well. While the tunnels have three exits, it has only two entrances:




These mobs are encountered within this location:



Map of Sprigley's Cellar