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Much taller milestone in Stangard

Milestones, or "homes", are the places you can return to if you use your skill Return Home.

To bind to a new milestone:
  • Double-click (or right click) on the Milestone.
  • A pop-up will appear "Select a Milestone."
  • Select the Milestone you wish to bind to (you will probably have only one item to select).
  • Click "Bind" at the bottom of the lower left. (The "Get destinations" button will take you to the LOTRO store... see "Acquire additional Home Locations" below.)
  • A message will ask you, "Are you sure you want to select this location as your bind point for your Return Home Skill?"; answer "Yes".
  • A message will appear in the chat panel, "This location is now your home".

When you use the skill, Return Home, you will return to this milestone. The skill can be used once per hour (per half-hour with purchase of the Hurried Traveller from the LOTRO store).

By default, you can only have one milestone marked as your home. If you choose a new milestone, that will be your new home and you can only return to the old milestone by walking there. You can change your milestone as many times as you like.

How to acquire additional Milestone Skills

  • Additional Milestone Skills give the ability to bind to multiple Milestones.
Upon binding to a Milestone the character is asked to select which of any existing selections to replace.
  • All milestone skills share the same cooldown, which is 60 minutes.

Milestone Usage Information

If you have purchased additional Milestone Skills, when you click on the Milestone, you will see a pop-up window allowing you to select which Milestone you wish to bind to.
Select the appropriate Milestone, and at the bottom of the Screen, select "Bind."
  • These Milestone Locations will appear in your Skills Panel as "Milestone Skills." They can be slotted in your "Quickslot bars" or accessed from this panel.
You can find the Milestone Skill by clicking the menu arrow on the left end of your bottom bar sliding your mouse up to Character -> Skills. Or just hit the letter K.
Scroll down through your skills or type "return" into the search field and there you will find it. Then double-click, or right-click it to "warp" home.
This plugin creates a single window that contains all the available travel skills, including the race, class and reputation skills.
  • For details on how to use Plugins see: Plugins


You can see the Milestone locations on the main Map (press M). In the upper left corner of the map, in the Pull-Down menu "Filter Map Notes," make certain that you have either "select all" or "Milestone" checked. (To see ONLY Milestones select "Clear all" and then "Milestone")

Note that the map will only show you the specific area where you are presently located. You can select a different Map with the adjacent "Show Map" pulldown. If you have the Option "UI Settings" - "Show Map Cursor Coordinates" selected as you "mouse over" a location on this map, the coordinates of your cursor will appear in the lower left hand corner of the map. (You many need to either move or uncheck "Show quest guide on map" to see them.

A list of milestones and their location in each settlement follows. Settlements with no Milestone are not listed.