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  • Allows execution of recipes requiring a Forge.


This effect is applied to any character while in the vicinity of a Forge. The effect is useful to a Metalsmith, Weaponsmith or Prospector.

Crafting Facility

A Forge is used by all metal-workers to prepare their goods.

As of Update 11, LOTRO adjusted all crafting facilities to be used as regular and superior across the world.

Crafting Station

A Gondorian Forge may be purchased in the in-game Lotro Store for installation at your Personal House or Kin house.

This forge can be placed in a Large Yard or Furniture Hook to allow you to perform metal-works at your house.


Region Location
Angmar Aughaire
Bree-land Bree (several)Buckland's Craft-faireCombe Crafting HallStaddleThornley's Work Site
Ered Luin Celondim's Crafting TerraceCrafting Hall (Thorin's Gate)DuillondGondamonThorin's Hall - The Forging Hall (Superior)Silver Deep
Evendim OatbartonOst ForodTinnudir (Keep)
Forochel Zigilgund
Lone-lands Ost Guruth
North Downs Craft-hall of EsteldínTrestlebridge
The Shire BrockenboringsBudgefordBywaterMichel Delving's Craft-fair
Trollshaws The Forges of Rivendell