Combe Crafting Hall

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Combe Crafting Hall
Region: Bree-land
Settlement: Combe
Location: [28.8S, 48.6W]

The Combe Crafting Hall can be found on the road leading east towards Chetwood uphill from the centre of Combe, in Bree-land. [28.8S, 48.6W]

This is the indoor craft-faire of Combe where there are crafting trainers for all professions. Its Mistress of Apprentices, Jill Brushwood, is happy to teach visitors crafting professions. Rob Burrows, the Master of Crafting Guilds, will help out with crafting guilds.

Farmers will find plenty of farmlands east of Staddle, the next village southwards. There is also a Novice Farmhand named Ponto Underhill, and a workbench.


Combe Crafting Hall Exterior


NPC Function
Todd Brushwood Supplier
Emma Shadetree Provisioner
Jill Brushwood Mistress of Apprentices
Rob Burrows Master of Crafting Guilds
Esilia Diggerly Novice Cook
Ted Ragwort Novice Jeweller
Bill Digweed Novice Metalsmith
Anna Bullrush Novice Scholar
Sara Crabgrass Novice Tailor
Bob Birchcutter Novice Weaponcrafter
Toby Sandheaver Novice Woodworker
Roderick Carver Quest



Introduction Quests Guild Introduction
Joining a guild requires Expert level
[1] Introduction to Cooking [1] Introduction: Cook's Guild
[1] Introduction to Farming
[1] Introduction to Forestry
[1] Introduction to Jewelcrafting [1] Introduction: Jeweller's Guild
[1] Introduction to Metalsmithy [1] Introduction: Metalsmith's Guild
[1] Introduction to Prospecting
[1] Introduction to Scholarship [1] Introduction: Scholar's Guild
[1] Introduction to Tailoring [1] Introduction: Tailor's Guild
[1] Introduction to Weaponsmithy [1] Introduction: Weaponsmith's Guild
[1] Introduction to Woodworking [1] Introduction: Woodworker's Guild
Following Quests
[1] Practice Makes Perfect