Training Hall (Combe)

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Training Hall
Region: Bree-land
Settlement: Combe
Location: [28.7S, 49.3W]

The Training Hall can be found just east of the Comb and Wattle Inn, sharing the same adjoining platform in the centre of Combe, in Bree-land. [28.7S, 49.3W]

The Exterior of the Training Hall

This hall is where class trainers offer and sell class specific quests, items and recipes. A library in the back offers those of more studious pursuits a place to hone their abilities.

Class Trainers

NPC Function
Dara Stagshorn Brawler Trainer
Jennet Brockhouse Burglar Trainer
Nelson Blake Captain Trainer
Sheldon Roper Champion Trainer
Garrett Beardsley Guardian Trainer
Juniper Smith Hunter Trainer
Barton Tanner Lore-master Trainer
Marjorie Wainwright Minstrel Trainer
Teithadir Rune-keeper Trainer
Melvin Roper Warden Trainer