Girdley Island

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Girdley Island
Type: Island
Region: Bree-land
Area: Brandy Hills
Location: [28.3S, 63.3W]

Girdley Island is a landmark within Brandy Hills, in Bree-land. [28.3S, 63.3W]

This small and steep island is found in the Brandywine River, which splits Bree-land from the Shire, with Brandy Hills to the east and North Bridgefields to the west. Girdley Island is the perfect location for fishing.


Terrain Map

These creatures are encountered within this location:


In the early days of Arnor, the Dúnedain used this island as a beacon-hill, but it was abandoned when the hobbits came to dwell here. Later, a member of the Brandybuck family rowed out to the island and discovered it was a particularly excellent spot for fishing. Today Girdley Island has become a popular excursion for Brandybucks on holiday (for they among hobbits are the least afraid of water). — Lorebook