Training Hall (Bree)

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Training Hall
Region: Bree-land
Settlement: Bree
Location: Market Square
Location: [30.2S, 51.1W]

Training Hall is a class trainer location in Bree. [30.2S, 51.1W]

The Exterior of the Training Hall

This building is found to the north-east of the Market Square and it hosts all kinds of class trainers, as well as locals and visitors who are enjoying the food and drink that is served. A Bard of Bree is walking around. And behind the minstrel trainer an oven is found.



NPC Function
Cooper Basilleaf Bard
Class Trainers
Burglar Trainer Burglar Trainer
Captain Trainer Captain Trainer
Champion Trainer Champion Trainer
Guardian Trainer Guardian Trainer
Hunter Trainer Hunter Trainer
Lore-master Trainer Lore-master Trainer
Minstrel Trainer Minstrel Trainer
Rune-keeper Trainer Rune-keeper Trainer
Warden Trainer Warden Trainer