Haudh Iarchith

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Haudh Iarchith
Region: Bree-land
Area: Southern Barrow-downs
Location: [35.1S, 55.1W]

Haudh Iarchith is a landmark within the Southern Barrow-downs, in Bree-land. [35.1S, 55.1W].

The Exterior of Haudh Iarchith

This tomb and public dungeon is located within a hollow at the centre of this area.

Note that there is another dungeon entrance at [35.1S, 55.3W] that requires a quest to enter.

Note: For ages "Haudh Iarchith" was a notable quest hub but now "Haudh Iarchith" usually means any tomb within Barrow-downs; see remarks below.




Fergandir's Throne
Map of Haudh Iarchith

These creatures are encountered within this location:


The Barrow-downs west of Bree were once a haven for the Rangers of Cardolan, until a plague swept across Middle-earth and destroyed the last remnant of those Dúnedain. After the Rangers of Cardolan perished, the Witch-king sent fell spirits out of Angmar and Rhudaur to inhabit the remains of the dead buried beneath the mounds, giving rise to the Barrow-wights. Since then, the Barrow-downs have had an evil name as a place of terror.

"A few places within the Barrow-downs, such as Othrongroth and Ost Gorthad, are known as places of the greatest dread. Another of these terrible places is Haudh Iarchith. Once the clan-barrow of a great and wealthy family, it has now become a den of Angmar’s Dead. The hunters of Bree seek to drive the evil from this place, but few among even them have the courage to face the wights of Haudh Iarchith." — Lorebook



Historical note: Haudh Iarchith served as the public dungeon in Bree-land for the reputation system introduced to Lotro after the game’s release. Players seeking to improve their standing with the hunters of Bree had to spend much time among the wights of Haudh Iarchith... lorebook
With the advent of F2P, Haudh Iarchith was broken into a dozen barrows throughout the northern and southern Barrow-downs, with quests starting at level 20:

Northern Barrow-downs


Southern Barrow-downs