Hunting Lodge (Archet)

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Hunting Lodge
Region: Bree-land
Area: Archet Dale
Location: [24.9S, 47.0W]

The Hunting Lodge is a lodge in Archet Dale, in Bree-land. [24.9S, 47.0W]

The Exterior of the Hunting Lodge

Across a marshy pond in the north-east of Archet Dale, this lodge hosts hunters and local guards. One of them is a bowman known throughout the Middle-earth, Fenton Marshley, who willingly helps advanced Hunters to advance their skills.

Before the Assault on Archet this lodge was the home of Jon Brackenbrook, Atli Spider-bane, and others. Jon was exiled by his own father and stayed here for at least three years.




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NPC Function Coords
After the Assault on Archet
Fenton Marshley Quest - Hunter [24.8S, 47.0W]
Nate Whisperwood (corpse) Quest [25.0S, 46.9W]
Ann Granger [24.9S, 47.2W]
Guard Indoors
Before the Assault on Archet
Atli Spider-bane Quest [24.9S, 46.9W]
Hunter Quest Indoors
Jon Brackenbrook Quest Indoors
Nate Whisperwood Indoors
Ann Granger [24.9S, 47.0W]
Fenton Marshley [24.8S, 47.0W]