Cirith Nûr Encampment

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Cirith Nûr Encampment
Type: Orc Camp
Region: Bree-land
Area: Northern Bree-fields
Location: [21.5S, 55.2W]

The Cirith Nûr Encampment is a landmark within the Northern Bree-fields, in Bree-land. [21.5S, 55.2W]

Just west of the North-South Road, not too for from North Downs, is located a larger barricaded encampment of orcs. There are also smaller camps further to the north but as this contains a protected cave into the steep mountain ridge it has become their chief base.

These orcs are now threatening the farmers living a distance further to the south. Worse is, some reports indicate that they have help from traitors of the Bree-folk, may that really be so?


Brigand Cave Entrance
Southern Entrance into the Camp



These creatures are encountered within this location: