The Dead Man's Perch

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The Dead Man's Perch
Type: Camp
Region: Bree-land
Area: Northern Barrow-downs
Location: [32.1S, 53.8W]

The Dead Man's Perch is a landmark within the Northern Barrow-downs, in Bree-land. [32.1S, 53.8W]

This rift in the mountain ridge is is located at the south-eastern side of Northern Barrow-downs. One cannot enter the camp this way but people have been jumping off the cliffs heading for Bree, usually granting them a broken leg or two. However, just south of the camp the hills are low enough to grant access from the Southern Bree-fields. [32.9S, 53.2W]

At this camp is a group of stranded Bree-folks, led by guides who were surprised by the aggravated creatures within the barrows. Recently something has stirred up the living, and the dead, causing all sorts of devilry to occur. Tales whisper of Black Riders camping at Andrath, not far off from here (even the Witch-king of Angmar some dare say), and that they disturb the sleeping spirits.






These deeds can be advanced by visiting the Dead Man's Perch:


Edith Sweetrose - Travelling Vendor
Addie Wheatley
Bob Redthistle


"This bluff overlooks the town of Bree. Some Bree-folk claim to have seen the Dead walking upon the ridge." — Deed