Goblinhole Ruins

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Goblinhole Ruins
Type: Goblin Camp
Region: Bree-land
Area: The Midgewater Marshes
Location: [33.0S, 43.2W]

Goblinhole Ruins is a landmark within the Midgewater Marshes, in Bree-land. [33.0S, 43.2W]

In fact, this is a quite territory of the south-eastern marshes which includes a goblin camp, a set of broken walls ringing a small basin, and some stones, all of which is infested by goblins.

Just by its northern border a few friendly souls have established a small camp. That is a place where travellers can catch some breath, or maybe help those souls with some urgent tasks before hastening away from this forgotten part of the world.





These deeds can be advanced by exploring Goblinhole Ruins:


NPC Function Coords
Bill Mossfoot Quest [32.5S, 43.4W]
Edda Twiggins Quest [32.6S, 43.5W]
Roderick Neeker-friend Quest [32.5S, 43.5W]
Sniken Quest [32.5S, 43.4W]


These creatures are encountered within this location:


"Little is known of this ancient pile of rubble, except that goblins have chosen to roost here... A cause for concern to the Men of Bree." — Deed