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  • Allows execution of recipes requiring a Workbench.


Coming close enough to a Workbench this effect will be applied to any character. This is useful to a Tailor, Jeweller or Woodworker.

Crafting Facility

A Workbench is used by Tailors, Jewellers and Woodworkers to produce their goods. And also by Foresters and Farmers to refine their gathered items.

As of Update 11, LOTRO adjusted all crafting facilities to be used as regular and superior across the world.

Crafting Station

A Gondorian Workbench may be purchased in the in-game Lotro Store for installation at your Personal House or Kin house.

This workbench can be placed in a Small Yard or Furniture Hook to allow you to work at your house.


Region Location
Angmar Aughaire
Bree-land Bree (several)Buckland's Craft-faireCombe Crafting HallCombe Lumber CampStaddle
Ered Luin Celondim's Crafting TerraceCrafting Hall (Thorin's Gate)DuillondGondamonThorin's Hall - The Maker's Hall
Evendim OatbartonOst ForodTinnudir (Keep)
Lone-lands Ost Guruth
North Downs EsteldínTrestlebridge
The Shire BrockenboringsBudgefordBywaterHobbiton-BywaterMichel Delving's Craft-fairOverhillSouth Fields
Trollshaws The Forges of Rivendell