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The Outfitting system allows players to customize their equipment and two cosmetic outfit slots.

Outfitters are vendor NPCs selling a variety of cosmetic outfits and accessories. The outfitters across Middle-earth sell many of the same items, though each outfitter sells a few items that are unique to that outfitter.

Quest Involvement

List of Outfitters

Name Location Region Coords Unique Items
Dot Leafbottom Weapons and Armour Shop (South), Bree Bree-land [31.0S, 51.0W] Fine Shirt and Trousers
Leather Hauberk
Long Ranger's Robe
Boltr Hall of Kings, Thorin's Hall Ered Luin [13.8S, 103.2W] Dwarf-make Hauberk
Dwarf-make Shirt and Trousers
Long Dwarf-make Robe
Hambrennil Celondim Ered Luin [27.9S, 91.2W] Elven Hauberk
Elven Tunic and Trousers
Long Elven Robe
Percy Chesham Trestlebridge North Downs [18.0S, 53.6W] Fancy Quiver
Watcher's Hauberk
Hatt Othrikar North Downs [7.2S, 44.9W] Dwarf-make Chain Hauberk
Sturdy Dwarf-make Quiver
Hammadelen The Market of Rivendell Trollshaws [29.3S, 5.8W] Elven Scale Hauberk
Fine Elven Quiver
Buttercup Grubb The Michel Delving Vendor Hall The Shire [34.2S, 75.0W] Fancy Shirt and Trouses
Long Fancy Robe
Shirriff's Hauberk
Sturdy Prospector's Pack
Ernald Boffin The Golden Perch, Stock The Shire [32.0S, 63.8W] Bounder's Hauberk
Sturdy Woodcutter's Pack


† Additionally, Dot Leafbottom and Percy Chesham also sell the following boots:

Other Outfit Resources

  • Reputation Vendors often sell a small selection of cosmetic items pertaining to their factions; see the various reputation pages for more information.
  • During festivals and events, cosmetic items are often found in "gift boxes" and/or bartered by certain vendors; see below for further information.
  • Tailors can craft many different cosmetic clothing items once they've learned the recipes; see the index for more information.
  • Metalsmiths can craft a few cosmetic clothing items once they've learned the recipes; see the index for more information.
  • See also Outfits.

Festivals & Events

Many outfits are available only during certain happenings, and some are unique for that year's event:

Happening Date Notes
Spring Festival March Barterers
Anniversary From April 24 Gift boxes and barterers
Farmers Faire July Barterers
The Tale of the Shipwrecked Mariners September 19 Barter: Mindambeth
Harvest Festival October Barterers
Yule Festival December Barterers
Treasure Hunt Irregularly Barterers
  • Duration: events usually last for a few weeks and are often prolonged.
    September 19 is just one day, and Treasure hunts just a few days.
  • Summer festivals have had varied starting dates but duration has been for a few weeks.

*Note: Scroll down to find the Item page under 'File Usage'. If there are more than one, it means they all share the same appearance.