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This page is about the kind of campfires used by Cooks. For the kind that Hunters use for travelling, see Camp Site Fire


A Camp-fire produces a  Soothing Warmth. This allows Cooks to prepare Trail Food.

A Hunter has the ability to produce a  Camp by using the  Bright Camp-fire skill. This allows the benefits of a cook fire for recipes as well as giving other bonuses. Players of any class can produce a camp by using Camp-fire Kits. Camp-fire Kits also give a bonus to Cook Critical Chance - the higher tier the Camp-fire Kit, the better the Cook Critical Chance Bonus.


Camp-fire Kits can be created by the Cook profession using one of Campfire Kit Recipes.


There are numerous permanent camp-fires that are available to the public found throughout regions of Middle-earth. These places allow Cooks to prepare their recipes, and have a safe place to rest.

Location Region Coords
Adso's Camp Bree-land [29.1S, 56.8W]
Archet - Hunting Lodge Bree-land [24.8S, 46.9W]
Beggar's Alley in Bree Bree-land [31.1S, 52.6W]
Echad Dagoras Enedwaith [58.6S, 14.7W]
Echad Mirobel Eregion [52.4S, 16.7W]
Echad Saeradan Enedwaith [63.8S, 17.5W]
Gavar Cadlus Enedwaith [61.8S, 14.1W]
Hall of Sanctuary Enedwaith [72.1S, 16.1W]
Echad Dúnann Eregion [50.5S, 7.9W]
Galtrev Dunland [79.9S, 17.0W]
Dunbog Dunland [84.9S, 24.1W]
Gwingris Eregion [39.7S, 16.3W]
Ost Guruth Lone-lands [31.3S, 29.6W]
The Vineyards of Lórien Lothlórien [18.6S, 63.8W]
Echad Sirion Mirkwood [15.1S, 61.5W]
Helethir Mirkwood [16.1S, 44.4W]
Esteldín North Downs [9.6S, 41.5W]
Othrikar North Downs [7.1S, 45.1W]
Overhill The Shire [28.1S, 69.8W]
Waymeet The Shire [32.8S, 72.9W]
Barachen's Camp Trollshaws [34.0S, 20.2W]
Echad Candelleth Trollshaws [37.2S, 14.0W]
Narlinn's Post Trollshaws [33.2S, 16.4W]
Thorenhad Trollshaws [31.6S, 15.1W]
Alagrant Blackroot Vale [58.6S, 68.6W]
Lancrath Blackroot Vale [58.2S, 63.0W]
Sardol Blackroot Vale [61.0S, 69.5W]