Woodsedge Ruins

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Woodsedge Ruins
Type: Ruins
Region: Bree-land
Area: Chetwood
Location: [29.6S, 45.6W]

Woodsedge Ruins is a landmark within Chetwood, in Bree-land. [29.6S, 45.6W]

These ancient ruins stand at the edge of the woods bordering to the Midgewater Marshes, south-east of Combe Lumber Camp. Though old and broken, an obelisk shows signs of recent activities, likely by Rangers.

Travellers may chose this route on their way to Skunkwood's Farm to avoid the hazards of the woods.


These deeds can be advanced by exploring Woodsedge Ruins:


These creatures are encountered within this location:


"These ancient ruins stand at the edge of the Midgewater Marshes and the Chetwood, a meagre remnant of a long forgotten age." — Deed


These ruins form the border between the woods and the marshes