Weapons and Armour Shop (South)

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Weapons and Armour Shop
Region: Bree-land
Settlement: Bree
Location: [31.0S, 51.0W]

Weapons and Armour Shop is an arming shop in south-eastern Bree. [31.0S, 51.0W]

The Exterior of Weapons and Armour Shop

This well assorted shop is found at the north-eastern corner of Bree-town Hall Courtyard, just where the road to Staddle begins. Here is an Outfitter and vendors who sell armour and weapons for the levels 15 to 23.

There is also a western armaments shop for the levels 24 - 32.


NPC Function
Dot Leafbottom Outfitter
Armour & Weapons
Turner Thisleleaf Light Armoursmith
Thomas Cleelan Medium Armoursmith
Maynard Thistle Heavy Armoursmith
Harlan Reed Bowyer
Dolph Boxthorn One-handed Weaponsmith
Allan Coal Two-handed Weaponsmith
Maud Tatter Outdoors - Midsummer Festival quest
Ollie Redbrush


Backroom of the Weapons & Armour Shop