The Forlorn Glade

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The Forlorn Glade
Region: Bree-land
Area: Old Forest
Location: [34.2S, 57.5W]

The Forlorn Glade is a landmark within the Old Forest, in Bree-land. [34.2S, 57.5W]

A naked hump in the middle of a clearing works as a road-marker for an explorer. Go straight north and turn west at the next passage for the Broken Heart and a way out from here, or turn straight west from the hump and find the Shade Pool, or go south for several options just after the narrow passage towards the Weeping Water. Just don't stay here because the grim-barren oaks do not like strangers.

Lenhwest's Flower

Or continue north along the eastern border of the forest, past all sorts of aggravated creatures and find the dear Lenhwest's Flower. [33.3S, 57.5W]


These creatures are encountered within this location:


Corrupted huorns at the Forlorn Glade