Rune-keeper Deeds

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These are deeds available solely to characters of the Rune-keeper class. For an overview table see Category:Rune-keeper Deeds.

Meta Deeds

Each Meta Deed Tier (8) grants Class Trait Point-icon.png 1 Class Trait Point.

  • Individual components (Individual Deeds) of Meta Deeds, except the class quests, grant 5 LOTRO Point 
  • Individual Deeds are not visible in the Deed Log until the appropriate skills trigger the Deed
  • Individual Meta Deed Tiers are not visible in the Deed Log until at least one of the 3 individual deeds are completed
  • All Individual and Meta Deeds are logged in the Deed Log under "Class/Race/Epic" on the "Class" tab and are called "Class Deeds - tier N"
  • Completion of Class Quests (levels 15 and 30) does not grant LOTRO Points or show up in the Deed Log, but can trigger the appropriate Meta Deed Tier to show up in the log

Class Deeds (Rune-keeper) - Tier 1

Name Level Task Max/Day
Winter-storm 1 Use Fury of Storm skills 500 times. 150
Thunderous Words 1 Strike with Scribe's Spark-icon.png Scribe's Spark 125 times. 25
Master of Allusion 1 Use any Words of Grace skills 200 times. 50

Class Deeds (Rune-keeper) - Tier 2

Name Level Task Max/Day
Tale of Rage 1 Strike with Wrath of Flame skills 500 times.

(Fiery Ridicule-icon.png Fiery Ridicule, Distracting Flame-icon.png Distracting Flame, Writ of Fire-icon.png Writ of Fire, Smouldering Wrath-icon.png Smouldering Wrath, Essence of Flame-icon.png Essence of Flame, Volcanic Runestone-icon.png Volcanic Runestone, Essay of Fire-icon.png Essay of Fire)

Rune Master 10 Use any Runestone 125 times.

(Volcanic Runestone-icon.png Volcanic Runestone, Fulgurite Runestone-icon.png Fulgurite Runestone, Rune of Restoration-icon.png Rune of Restoration)

Versatility 10 Use Mending Verse-icon.png Mending Verse, Sustaining Bolt-icon.png Sustaining Bolt, or Smouldering Wrath-icon.png Smouldering Wrath 125 times 25

Class Deeds (Rune-keeper) - Tier 3

Name Level Task Max/Day
15 Complete the Quest: An Eye in the Storm
Conflagration of Runes 10 Strike with Fiery Ridicule-icon.png Fiery Ridicule 375 times. 75
Confounding Principles 10 Strike with Shocking Touch-icon.png Shocking Touch 125 times. 25

Class Deeds (Rune-keeper) - Tier 4

Name Level Task Max/Day
Written in Stone 20 Use any Writ 250 times. 50
The Prophetic Word 40 Use Visions and Foretellings skills 250 times. 50
A Critical Writ 20 Critically hit with any Writ 200 times. 50

Class Deeds (Rune-keeper) - Tier 5

Name Level Task Max/Day
30 Complete the quest Quest: The Word of a Healer
Harsh Words 20 Use any skills from the following set 350 times: 50
Epic Essay 30 Use any skills from the following set 100 times: 10

Class Deeds (Rune-keeper) - Tier 6

Name Level Task Max/Day
Stare at the Flame 30 Use Distracting Flame-icon.png Distracting Flame skill 350 times. 35
Self Starter 36 Use Self-motivation-icon.png Self-motivation 350 times. 35
New Beginnings 30 Use Nothing Truly Ends-icon.png Nothing Truly Ends 25 times. 5

Class Deeds (Rune-keeper) - Tier 7

Name Level Task Max/Day
Closing Remarks 40 Use Final Word-icon.png Final Word skill 65 times. 15
Alternate Ending 40 Use Scribe a New Ending-icon.png Scribe a New Ending 100 times. 10
Sign of the Times 40 Use any Rune-sign of X 100 times.

Class Deeds (Rune-keeper) - Tier 8

Name Level Task Max/Day
Armour of Exaltation 50 Use any Armour of X 50 times. 5
Master of Tragedy 50 Critical hits with Fury of the Storm skills 500 times. 50
Wordsmith 50 Use Combustion-icon.png Combustion, Concession and Rebuttal-icon.png Concession and Rebuttal or Bombastic Inspiration-icon.png Bombastic Inspiration 200 times. 20

Legendary Deeds

Each Legendary Deed (7) grants Class Trait Point-icon.png 1 Class Trait Point.

  • Finding all pages of a book grants 10 LOTRO Point ; completing a Moria deed grants 20 LOTRO Point 
  • The "Mines of Moria" point is logged in the Deed Log under "Class/Race/Epic" on the "Epic" tab
  • The Level 50 Class Quest point is logged in the Quest Log under completed quests under Rune-keeper
Name Level Task
Thunder and Flame 39 Buy Thunder and Flame from a Rune-keeper Trainer and find the missing pages (8)
Whispers in the Dark 39 Buy Whispers in the Dark from a Rune-keeper Trainer and find the missing pages (8)
Golu o Maeth 39 Buy Golu o Maeth from a Rune-keeper Trainer and find the missing pages (8)
Learned in Letters 50 Complete the following quests:

Learned in Letters

  1. [50] Meaning upon Meaning
  2. [50] Deep Secrets of Rune-craft
The Mines of Moria 55 Complete Books I through VI of Volume 2
The Path of the Rune of Restoration 58 Complete the following quests:

The Path of the Rune of Restoration

  1. [58] The Path of the Rune of Restoration
  2. [58] Prelude to Hope
  3. [58] Rousing Words
  4. [58] A Rune of Restoration
  5. [58] Secrets Long Forgotten (Optional) Fellowship
On the Patterns of Wind and Rain 58 Buy and read On the Patterns of Wind and Rain

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