Bombastic Inspiration

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Bombastic Inspiration
  • 25m Range
  • Tactical Skill
  • Places a heal-over-time on an ally. When it expires, the target is healed for a large amount.

    Stacks up to 3 times, and expiration heal is increased per stack.
  • Heals ... Morale initially.
    Heals ... Morale every 2 seconds for 12 seconds.
  • Cost: [538 at Level 150] Power
  • Attunes: 3
  • Cooldown: 2s

General Information

Class: Rune-keeper

Trait Tree: Benediction of Peace

Rank needed: 30

Effect Information

This skill applies the HoT Bombastic Inspiration or upgrades its tier.

Trait Information

The trait Overture of Hope in the Benediction of Peace trait tree triggers the expiration heal of this skill when Word of Exaltation is used on the target.


The Rune-keeper imbued legacy Bombastic Inspiration Heal increases the healing of this skill by up to 52.2%.