Elf Racial Deeds

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This is a list of Elf Racial Deeds and the Traits they give. For a complete list of Elf Racial Traits, see Elf Traits.
For an overview table see Category:Elf Deeds.

Enmity of the Goblins

Enmity of the Orcs

Skill Infomration

Acquisition Information

This skill is acquired by using the scroll Return to Rivendell, which can be purchased by the following:

Reputation: Elves of Rivendell - Minimum level 10 (Any to No reputation required).
Purchase from a Mithril Trader for 50 Mithril Coin 
Purchase from the LOTRO Store, by purchasing Return to Rivendell for 295 LOTRO Point 

Other Information

For the Elf racial skill see Return to Rivendell, earned by completing a specific deed.

Enmity of the Drakes