Champion Skills

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Default Skills

These skills are granted automatically as you gain levels. The effects of many of these skills are improved in various ways by your choice of specialization and how you spend your trait points. Some skills may also be replaced by an improved version of the same skill as you increase in level.

Active Skills Category Cooldown Range Source
Wild Attack-icon.png Wild Attack Melee 1.8s 3.5m Level: 1
Swift Strike-icon.png Swift Strike Melee 3.2s 3.5m Level: 1
Blade Wall-icon.png Blade Wall AoE 4.2s 5m Level: 1
Savage Strikes-icon.png Savage Strikes Melee 4.2s 3.5m Level: 2
Champion's Challenge-icon.png Champion's Challenge Force Attack 30s 30m Level: 6
Bracing Attack-icon.png Bracing Attack Melee + Heal 30s 3.5m Level: 14
Let Fly-icon.png Let Fly Ranged 9s 30m Level: 16
Clobber-icon.png Clobber Melee + Interrupt 10s 3.5m Level: 20
Feral Strikes-icon.png Feral Strikes Melee + Corruption 4.2s 3.5m Level: 20
Blood Rage-icon.png Blood Rage Buff 1m Self Level: 20
Fight On-icon.png Fight On Heal 5m 3m Level: 22
Merciful Strike-icon.png Merciful Strike Melee 10s 3.5m Level: 24
Sprint-icon.png Sprint Buff 5m Self Level: 26
Horn of Gondor-icon.png Horn of Gondor AoE+Stun 20s 5m Level: 32
Hamstring-icon.png Hamstring Melee+Debuff 20s 3.5m Level: 34
Boast-icon.png Boast Force Emote 2m 30s 10m Level: 36
True Heroics-icon.png True Heroics Buff + Debuff + Power 2m 15m Level: 40
Fear Nothing -icon.png Fear Nothing! Cure 45s Self Level: 46

The Martial Champion

These skills are acquired by spending trait points in the Martial Champion (blue) trait tree. You can only obtain the Set skills if you specialize in this tree.

Active Skills Category Cooldown Range Source
Sudden Defence-icon.png Sudden Defence Buff 40s Self Set: Initial Skill
Second Wind-icon.png Second Wind Power 25s Self Trait: Second Wind (Trait)-icon.png Second Wind
Horn of Champions-icon.png Horn of Champions AoE + Debuff + Force Attack 30s 8m Trait: Horn of Champions (Trait)-icon.png Horn of Champions
Sweeping Riposte-icon.png Sweeping Riposte Melee 2s 3.5m Trait: Riposte (Trait)-icon.png Sweeping Riposte
Dire Need-icon.png Dire Need Heal 2m Self Trait: Dire Need (Trait)-icon.png Dire Need
Adamant (Skill)-icon.png Adamant Buff 1m Self Set: Adamant (Trait)-icon.png Adamant
Unbreakable-icon.png Unbreakable Buff + AoE 2m / 30s Self / 5m Trait: Unbreakable (Trait)-icon.png Unbreakable

The Berserker

These skills are acquired by spending trait points in the Berserker (red) trait tree. You can only obtain the Set skills if you specialize in this tree.

Active Skills Category Cooldown Range Source
Remorseless Strike-icon.png Remorseless Strike Melee 1.8s 3.5m Set: Initial Skill
Devastating Strike (Champion)-icon.png Devastating Strike Melee + Debuff 12s 3.5m Set: Initial Skill
Brutal Strikes-icon.png Brutal Strikes Melee 4.2s 3.5m Trait: Brutal Strikes (Trait)-icon.png Brutal Strikes
Ebbing Ire-icon.png Ebbing Ire Threat 2m 5.2m Trait: Ebbing Ire (Trait)-icon.png Ebbing Ire
Ferocious Strikes-icon.png Ferocious Strikes Melee 14s 3.5m Trait: Ferocious Strikes (Trait)-icon.png Ferocious Strikes
Controlled Burn-icon.png Controlled Burn Buff 1m30s Self Trait: Controlled Burn (Trait)-icon.png Controlled Burn
Champion's Duel-icon.png Champion's Duel Buff + Debuff 1m 40m Trait: A Champion's Duel-icon.png A Champion's Duel

The Deadly Storm

These skills are acquired by spending trait points in the Deadly Storm (yellow) trait tree. You can only obtain the Set skills if you specialize in this tree.

Active Skills Category Cooldown Range Source
Blade-storm-icon.png Blade Storm AoE + Buff 10s 5m Set: Initial Skill
Rend-icon.png Rend AoE + DoT + Debuff 4.2s 5m Set: Initial Skill
Battle Frenzy-icon.png Battle Frenzy Buff 1m Self Trait: Battle Frenzy (Trait)-icon.png Battle Frenzy
Raging Blade-icon.png Raging Blade AoE 10s 8m Trait: Raging Blade (Trait)-icon.png Raging Blade
Great Cleave-icon.png Great Cleave Buff 2m Self Trait: Great Cleave (Trait)-icon.png Great Cleave
Exchange of Blows-icon.png Exchange of Blows Buff 40s Self Trait: Exchange of Blows (Trait)-icon.png Exchange of Blows
Fury of Blades-icon.png Fury of Blades AoE 20s 5m Trait: Fury of Blades (Trait)-icon.png Fury of Blades
Born For Combat (Skill)-icon.png Born For Combat AoE 4s 5m Trait: Born For Combat (Trait)-icon.png Born For Combat

Mounted Combat Skills

These skills can be used only while riding a war-steed, and only while in the regions of East Rohan, Wildermore, and West Rohan. Passive skills which improve the war-steed's defensive capabilities remain effective even in other regions, but serve only to prevent forced dismount due to enemy attacks.

Ability Category Level Recovery Time Description
Discipline Rohirrim-icon.png Discipline: Rohirrim 75 1s Increases incoming healing and War-steed armour
Discipline Red Dawn-icon.png Discipline: Red Dawn 75 1s Increases damage and critical damage
Discipline Riddermark-icon.png Discipline: Riddermark 75 1s Increases damage and War-steed agility and morale
Destabilizing Strike-icon.png Destabilizing Strike 75 24s Powerful melee attack plus movement-controlling effect on the target.
Horn Blast-icon.png Horn Blast 75 16s Ranged AoE attack, deals Light damage and debuffs enemies.
Mounted Strike-icon.png Mounted Strike 75 3s Melee attack, reduces cooldown of Recuperate. Adds 1 to Fervour.
Recuperate-icon.png Recuperate 75 1m Restore morale and power to self and the war-steed, plus a self-buff.
Sundering Blow (Champion)-icon.png Sundering Blow 75 10s Melee attack, with extra discipline-dependent effects on a critical hit. Adds 1 to Fervour.
Swift Cut-icon.png Swift Cut 75 12s Melee attack with a bleed. Extra effects depending on the active discipline. Adds 1 to Fervour.

Passive Skills

Armour Proficiencies

Proficiency Level
Light Armour-icon.png Light Armour 1
Medium Armour-icon.png Medium Armour 1
Heavy Armour-icon.png Heavy Armour 1

Weapon Proficiencies

Proficiency Level
Daggers-icon.png Daggers 1
Dual Wielding-icon.png Dual Wielding 1
One-handed Axes-icon.png One-handed Axes 1
One-handed Clubs-icon.png One-handed Clubs 1
One-handed Hammers-icon.png One-handed Hammers 1
One-handed Maces-icon.png One-handed Maces 1
One-handed Swords-icon.png One-handed Swords 1
Spear-icon.png Spear 10
Two-handed Axes-icon.png Two-handed Axes 10
Two-handed Hammers-icon.png Two-handed Hammers 10
Two-handed Swords-icon.png Two-handed Swords 10
Bows-icon.png Bows 7
Crossbows-icon.png Crossbows 7

Instrument Proficiencies

Proficiency Level
Clarinet Use-icon.png Clarinet Use 1
Horn Use-icon.png Horn Use 1
Lute Use-icon.png Lute Use 1
Specialized Equipment-icon.png Specialized Equipment 1
Fiddle Use-icon.png Fiddle Use 5