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Settlements-icon.png Bree
Region: Bree-land
Location: [31.1S, 51.2W]
View of Bree-town from Dedman's Perch


Bree is the capital city of Bree-land.

No doubt Bree is located at the heart of Bree-land, at the very cross-roads of the important Great East Road and North-South Road, the place where all merchants, royal messengers, explorers, and whoever travelling any of these roads eventually will pass. Thus Bree have survived many hardships over the centuries and its residents have grown tougher. Here Men as well as Hobbits dwell, if not together so side by side, and they make their living from one another.

Bree provides all possible services, trainers, and vendors. Its crafting facilities include the Three-farrow Crafting Hall and some forges elsewhere. The Bree-town Hunting Lodge is used by the Men of Bree reputation faction and provides an oven and a workbench. Near the Inn Gate several barterers of Legendary Items are found, and south of town is the Bree Skirmish Camp located. "Welcome to Bree", says Mayor Graeme Tenderlarch.

Notice: Bree is basically set up by many blocks and squares, as well as civic structures and facilities. This page provides a summary but details are listed at the individual pages of these places. Some of these places are allowed to comprise a larger section than what is noticed at the in-game map, just to provide the better information about that area.







See list of all NPCs within Bree

HumanM.png Thomas Thistlewool - Quest

Class Trainers

NPC Function Location
HumanF.png Burglar Trainer Burglar Trainer Training Hall
HobbitF.png Albra Lowbanks Burglar Trainer The Lowbank's Estate
HumanM.png Captain Trainer Captain Trainer

Training Hall

HumanF.png Dawn Appledore Captain Trainer Bree-town Jail
HumanM.png Champion Trainer Champion Trainer Training Hall
Dwarf.png Oggur Champion Trainer Bree-town Jail
HumanM.png Guardian Trainer Guardian Trainer Training Hall
Dwarf.png Tralli Guardian Trainer Bree-town Jail
HumanF.png Hunter Trainer Hunter Trainer Training Hall
HobbitM.png Flambard Took Hunter Trainer Bree-town Hunting Lodge
HumanF.png Lore-master Trainer Lore-master Trainer Training Hall
HumanM.png Dalton Willow Lore-master Trainer Scholar's Stair Archives
HumanF.png Minstrel Trainer Minstrel Trainer Training Hall
HumanM.png Burt Ninetails Minstrel Trainer The Prancing Pony
ElfF.png Rune-keeper Trainer Rune-keeper Trainer Training Hall
Dwarf.png Biarn Rune-keeper Trainer Scholar's Stair Archives
HumanM.png Warden Trainer Warden Trainer Training Hall
HumanF.png Daisy Appledore Warden Trainer Bree-town Jail


NPC Location Levels
Light Armour
HumanM.png Turner Thisleleaf Weapons and Armour Shop (South) 15 - 23
HumanM.png James Clover Weapons and Armour Shop (West) 25 - 32
Medium Armour
HumanM.png Thomas Cleelan Weapons and Armour Shop (South) 15 - 23
HumanM.png Wystan Milkweed Weapons and Armour Shop (West) 26 - 32
Heavy Armour
HumanM.png Maynard Thistle Weapons and Armour Shop (South) 15 - 23
HumanM.png Bail Threespot Weapons and Armour Shop (West) 26 - 32


NPC Location Levels
HumanM.png Harlan Reed Weapons and Armour Shop (South) 17 - 23
HumanM.png Edwin Miller Weapons and Armour Shop (West) 26 - 32
One-handed Weaponsmith
HumanM.png Dolph Boxthorn Weapons and Armour Shop (South) 15 - 23
HumanM.png Windle Moorneedle Weapons and Armour Shop (West) 25 - 32
Two-handed Weaponsmith
HumanM.png Allan Coal Weapons and Armour Shop (South) 15 - 23
HumanF.png Githa Hawkweed Weapons and Armour Shop (West) 24 - 31

Legendary Class Traders

Supplies & Services

NPC Function Location
HobbitF.png Lily Sandheaver Grocer West Gate
HumanM.png Whelan Appledore Grocer Bree-town Hall
HumanF.png Polly Leafcutter Healer The Prancing Pony
HumanF.png Dot Leafbottom Outfitter Weapons and Armour Shop (South)
HumanF.png Bonny Thatcher Supplier Three-farrow Crafting Hall
HumanF.png Sally Marshfell Supplier Bree-town Hunting Lodge
HumanM.png Barliman Butterbur Tavern Keep The Prancing Pony


Bree-town Rooftops

See "starting quests" and the locations for more quests


Civic Structures and Facilities

Notice: The different locations within this section, "civic structures and facilities," individually list quests, NPCs of different types, and more, which pertain to each of them.

Bree-town Auction Hall

Bree-town Auction Hall
See Bree-town Auction Hall for more details.

Bree-town Auction Hall is found in the southern part of Bree. [32.0S, 50.5W]

<onlyinclude>The auction hall is located at the South Gate in the southern part of the town. Here adventurers and crafters can sell and buy a wide variety of goods and equipment. The hall also provides two mailboxes and a vault-keeper.

Bree-town Hall

Bree-town Hall
See Bree-town Hall for more details.

Bree-town Hall is found in the eastern part of Bree.[31.1S, 51.2W]

It is located at the crossroads of the Great East Road, the road to Staddle, and local alleys. Service providers and quest givers are found inside the hall as well as outside and at facilities around the courtyard.

Bree-town Hunting Lodge

Bree-town Hunting Lodge
See Bree-town Hunting Lodge for more details.

Bree-town Hunting Lodge is a reputation lounge in southern Bree. [31.8S, 51.4W]

This lodge is somewhat hidden away down the Haunted Alley, west of the Auction Hall and south-west of Bree-town Hall Square and the Jail. Here members of Men of Bree barter, craft, or just hang out. Characters who have reached Acquaintance standing may enter, but until then the outdoor staff will help with quests and barter for increased reputation. Outside are also a Hunter Trainer and a Camp Site Fire.

Bree-town Jail

Bree-town Jail
See Bree-town Jail for more details.

Bree-town Jail is located at the Bree-town Hall Courtyard, just west of the Woodsmen's Gate. [31.7S, 50.8W]

It houses many of the city's most notorious criminals. Here are also several class trainers and other persons important for the defence of Bree.

  • Class Trainers
  • Quest givers

Bree-town Vault

Bree-town Vault
See Bree-town Vault for more details.

Bree-town Vault has two locations -- near the West Gate and near the South Gate of Bree. [29.8S, 52.7W]

One vault is found just south of West Gate and west of the street that runs southward to the Stone Quarter and beyond, with entrances in both directions. Inside is found an auctioneer, a mailbox, and vault-keepers of course.

The second vault is found opposite the South Gate.

Market Square

Market Square
See Market Square for more details.

Market Square is located in eastern Bree at the Great East Road. [30.3S, 51.1W]

At its midst the famous Boar Fountain is a symbol of the city's strength and endurance. There are a Tasks Bulletin Board for levels 14 to 20, several quest givers, and market booths with vendors selling healing potions as well as supplies and provisions.

The Prancing Pony

The Prancing Pony
See The Prancing Pony for more details.

The Prancing Pony is the most renowned tavern of Middle-earth. [29.6S, 51.2W]

The Prancing Pony lies by a sharp bend of the Great East Road in north-eastern Bree. Thus the Pony has a steady stream of visitors and guests from all over the Middle-earth, among them Strider and Gandalf being the most renowned.

Scholar's Stair Archives

Scholar's Stair Archives
See Scholar's Stair Archives for more details.

Scholar's Stair Archives is an interior in Bree. [30.5S, 51.6W]

This is the research centre of Bree, where lore, ruins, and runes are scrutinized and studied in depth. This structure has two entrances, the upper is from the Scholar's Walk, while the lower entrance is from the alley down the Low Gate.

South Gate

South Gate
See South Gate for more details.

South Gate is a landmark within Bree. [32.0S, 50.4W]

The gate is a passage leading the Great East Road out of the southern Bree. The South Gate square provides several excellent services, such as the Auction Hall, superior crafting facilities, the southern stables, a mailbox, and a milestone. Here are also found a forge-master, a relic-master, as well as a supplier. Inside the auction hall is also a vault-keeper.

Training Hall

Training Hall
See Training Hall for more details.

Training Hall is found at the Market Square in Bree. [30.2S, 51.1W]

This building is found to the north-east of the Market Square. As the name suggests, here are all sorts of class trainers, as well as locals and visitors who are enjoying the food and drink that is served. Here is also a Bard of Bree walking around. Behind the minstrel trainer is an oven found.

Three-farrow Crafting Hall

Three-farrow Crafting Hall
See Three-farrow Crafting Hall for more details.

Three-farrow Crafting Hall is an interior in Bree. [30.5S, 51.0W]

This excellent crafting hall is found at the Market Square. Here Old Roger Sorrel, the Master of Apprentices, welcomes visitors to select or change vocation.

West Gate

West Gate
See West Gate for more details.

West Gate is a landmark within Bree. [29.6S, 52.9W]

This gate sits athwart the Great East Road where it exits Bree and runs toward the Shire and beyond.The greater West Gate square is housing the stables of west Bree, a grocer, superior crafting facilities of all types, as well as other services. A few steps to the north-east are superior farmlands and an expert farmhand. Here are also quest givers and many locals gathered.

Whitethorn's Taxidermy

Whitethorn's Taxidermy
See Whitethorn's Taxidermy for more details.

Whitethorn's Taxidermy is found in Bree. [30.3S, 52.4W]

The Taxidermy is found at the eastern side of the street between The Stone Quarter and the West Gate. The family store is owned and run by Clar Whitethorn together with his sons and an intern. Here visitors can barter fishing and instance trophies for housing trophies.

Weapons and Armour

South - Level: 15 - 23

Weapons and Armour Shop - South
See Weapons and Armour Shop (South) for more details.

Weapons and Armour Shop is an interior in south-eastern Bree. [31.0S, 51.0W]

This well assorted shop is found at the north-eastern corner of Bree-town Hall Courtyard, just where the road to Staddle begins. Here is an Outfitter and vendors who sell armour and weapons for the levels 15 to 23.

West - Level: 24 - 32

Weapons and Armour Shop - West
See Weapons and Armour Shop (West) for more details.

Weapons and Armour Shop is an interior in western Bree. [30.3S, 52.5W]

This well assorted shop is found at the western side of the street between the Stone Quarter and the West Gate. Here are vendors who sell armour and weapons for the levels 24 to 32.

  • Armour and Weapon vendors

Other Interiors

Aerial of Bree
Night sky over Bree

Points of Interest

Other Locations

Locations with activities, see Bree's navigation box for even more named locations.


It was said to have been founded by Men who did not make it to Beleriand in the First Age, having forsaken their relatives who would become the Edain, they remained in Eriador. After the kingdom of Cardolan collapsed after war with Angmar, Bree became an independent city without any central authority or government for many centuries.
Not long ago, on III 3018 September 29, Frodo Bagg.. eeh.. Underhill and three hobbits of his fellowship arrived to the Prancing Pony, met a (st)ranger named Strider, and hastily set off the next day after an eventful night. Now characters new to the Middle-earth will do their best to support that fellowship on their quest, whether that is to track down curious events in the wake of Frodo's quest, or to support the locals who struggles with new threats from all directions.



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Map of Bree-land Topographic map of Bree-land


Amphitheater by the Prancing Pony One of many neighborhoods in Bree Fountain outside the Prancing Pony Dwarves guarding an inaccessible portion of Bree Hobbit smials near the North Gate of Bree Stables outside the Prancing Pony A section of the wall that encompasses Bree