Master of Apprentices

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A Master or Mistress of Apprentices allows a player to learn professions or to change them. Almost all major cities have a Master or Mistress of Apprentices.

For more information, see Crafting.

Quest Involvement

Master of Apprentices

NPC Location Region
Jill Brushwood Combe Crafting Hall Bree-land
Old Roger Sorrel Three-farrow Crafting Hall in Bree Bree-land
Mistress of Apprentices Swain's Guild-hall in Umbar Baharbêl Cape of Umbar
Master of Apprentices Craft-hall (Galtrev) Dunland
Master of Apprentices Craft Hall of Snowbourn East Rohan
Alfwin Gondamon Ered Luin
Golphedinir Celondim's Crafting Terrace Ered Luin
Loftur Thorin's Gate, Crafting Hall Ered Luin
Morór Thorin's Hall - The Maker's Hall Ered Luin
Balwin Puddifoot Oatbarton Evendim
Alvin Mannering Tinnudir (Keep) Evendim
Häsikkä Great Lodge of Sûri-kylä Forochel
Master of Apprentices Arnach King's Gondor
Master of Apprentices The Harlond King's Gondor
Master of Apprentices Pelargir King's Gondor
Curuiel Telain Galadhrim Lothlórien
Maenasdúr The Vineyards of Lórien Lothlórien
Naerelen Crafting Hall of Ost Galadh Mirkwood
Athakan The Twenty-first Hall (Crafting Bunker) Moria
Thentlaer Craft-hall of Esteldín North Downs
Master of Apprentices The House of Craft (Minas Tirith) Old Anórien
Undeg Lhan Garan Swanfleet
Blossom Proudfoot Michel Delving's Craft-fair The Shire