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A place to store your precious!

Vault-keepers are NPCs who manage secure storage space for characters.
They can be found in major settlements and near all Crafting Guild-halls.
Vault-keepers provide access to your Vault, your House Escrow (if any), and your Wardrobe.
The Vault is split in two sections: one section is accessible only per character, nobody else can access that vault; the other section is accessible by all characters on the same server and account and it is called Shared Storage.
For further information, see Vault, Escrow, and Wardrobe.


Stack Size for either a  Bag of Copper Coins, a  Bag of Silver Coins or a  Bag of Gold Coins = 100


Region Facility Vault-keeper
Bree-land Bree-town Auction Hall Vault-keeper
Bree-town Vault Maud Foxglove
Tad Gardener
Lalia's Market Vault-keeper
Bree-land Homesteads Tilly Groves
Three-farrow Crafting Hall Vault-keeper
Cardolan Herne Vault-keeper
Dunland Galtrev - Crafting Hall Vault-keeper
Galtrev - Auction Hall Vault-keeper
East Rohan Harwick Bank Vault-keeper
Harwick Crafting Hall Vault-keeper
Snowbourn Auction Hall Vault-keeper
Snowbourn Crafting Hall Vault-keeper
Enedwaith Nan Laeglin Rhodri
Ered Luin Celondim Celebeth
Falathlorn Homesteads Diloriel
Thorin's Hall Feggi
Thorin's Hall - The Forging Hall Vault-keeper
Thorin's Hall Homesteads Syvur
Ered Mithrin and Withered Heath Skarháld Vault-keeper
Eryn Lasgalen and the Dale-lands Dale Vault-keeper
Lake-town Vault-keeper
Ettenmoors Glân Vraig Vault-keeper
Evendim Tinnudir Olly Greenfield
Forochel Great Lodge of Sûri-kylä Nea
The Great River Stangard Vault-keeper
Gundabad Zidir-nesad, the Steepset Vault-keeper
Vérnozal Vault-keeper
Iron Hills Járnfast Vault Markthor
Lothlórien Caras Galadhon Celebwë
Mirkwood Ost Galadh Ivoron (Ost Galadh)
Crafting Hall of Ost Galadh Ivoron (Crafting Hall of Ost Galadh)
Moria Twenty-first Hall Balk, Dithrik and Elberg
North Downs Craft-hall of Esteldín Galufirieth
The Shire Michel Delving Osbert Fallohide
Michel Delving's Craft-fair Vault-keeper
Shire Homesteads Wytha Brandybuck
Swanfleet Lhan Garan Vault-keeper
Trollshaws The Last Homely House Maladmil
Scholar's Guild-hall Vault-keeper
West Rohan Aldburg (Crafting Hall & Bank) Vault-keeper
Helm's Deep Vault-keeper
Western Gondor Calembel Vault-keeper
Dol Amroth (in House of Coins) Vault-keeper
Wildermore Forlaw, Great Tavern Vault-keeper
Forlaw, Village Vault Vault-keeper
Minas Tirith Minas Tirith (Third tier) Vault-keeper
Anórien (After Battle) Osgiliath (After Battle) Vault-keeper
The Wastes Camp of the Host Vault Vault-keeper