Champion Deeds

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These are deeds available solely to characters of the Champion class. For an overview table see Category:Champion Deeds.

Meta Deeds

Each Meta Deed Tier (8) grants Class Trait Point-icon.png 1 Class Trait Point.

  • Individual components (Individual Deeds) of Meta Deeds, except the class quests, grant 5 LOTRO Point 
  • Individual Deeds are not visible in the Deed Log until the appropriate skills trigger the Deed
  • Individual Meta Deed Tiers are not visible in the Deed Log until at least one of the 3 individual deeds are completed
  • All Individual and Meta Deeds are logged in the Deed Log under "Class/Race/Epic" on the "Class" tab and are called "Class Deeds - tier N"
  • Completion of Class Quests (levels 15 and 30) does not grant LOTRO Points or show up in the Deed Log, but can trigger the appropriate Meta Deed Tier to show up in the log

Class Deeds (Champion) - Tier 1

Name Level Task Max/Day
Swift to Anger 1 Strike enemies with Swift Strike-icon.png Swift Strike 1000 times 350
All in All 1 Use Blade Wall-icon.png Blade Wall 750 times 75
Deadly Strikes 1 Land blows with Savage Strikes-icon.png Savage Strikes 500 times 165

Class Deeds (Champion) - Tier 2

Name Level Task Max/Day
Winds of the Storm 10 Use Blade-storm-icon.png Blade Storm, Remorseless Strike-icon.png Remorseless Strike or Sudden Defence-icon.png Sudden Defence 50 times 50
Rip to Shreds 10 Use Rend-icon.png Rend, Brutal Strikes-icon.png Brutal Strikes, or Bracing Attack-icon.png Bracing Attack 250 times 50
Wild Thing 10 Land critical hits using Wild Attack-icon.png Wild Attack 50 times 10

Class Deeds (Champion) - Tier 3

Name Level Task Max/Day
A Blade of Renown 15 Complete the quest A Blade of Renown N/A
Call of the Wild 10 Strike with Wild Attack-icon.png Wild Attack 1,250 times 250
A Challenge Accepted 10 Use Champion's Challenge-icon.png Champion's Challenge 400 times 80

Class Deeds (Champion) - Tier 4

Name Level Task Max/Day
Flashing Blade 20 Critically hit enemies with Blade Wall-icon.png Blade Wall 500 times 80
Deep Strikes 20 Critically hit enemies with Rend-icon.png Rend, Brutal Strikes-icon.png Brutal Strikes or Bracing Attack-icon.png Bracing Attack 400 times 150
At the Ready 20 Use Ebbing Ire-icon.png Ebbing Ire, Battle Frenzy-icon.png Battle Frenzy or Second Wind-icon.png Second Wind 100 times 100

Class Deeds (Champion) - Tier 5

Name Level Task Max/Day
Raging Storm 30 Land critical blows with Blade-storm-icon.png Blade Storm, Remorseless Strike-icon.png Remorseless Strike, or Raging Blade-icon.png Raging Blade [critical] 50 times 5
No Surrender 30 Use Fight On-icon.png Fight On 450 times 45
A Champion's Courage 30 Complete the quest A Champion's Courage n/a

Class Deeds (Champion) - Tier 6

Name Level Task Max/Day
Time of Need 30 Use Dire Need-icon.png Dire Need, Great Cleave-icon.png Great Cleave, or Controlled Burn-icon.png Controlled Burn 150 times 15
Clobbered 30 Use Clobber-icon.png Clobber 500 times 50
Athletic 40 Use Sprint-icon.png Sprint 150 times 15

Class Deeds (Champion) - Tier 7

Name Level Task Max/Day
Battle Acumen 40 Use Champion's Duel-icon.png Champion's Duel, or hit with Fury of Blades-icon.png Fury of Blades, or Unbreakable-icon.png Unbreakable 300 times 30
Heroic Resolve 40 Hit enemies with True Heroics-icon.png True Heroics 50 times 5
Tight Grip 40 Use Sweeping Riposte-icon.png Sweeping Riposte, Ferocious Strikes-icon.png Ferocious Strikes, or Raging Blade-icon.png Raging Blade 200 times ?

Class Deeds (Champion) - Tier 8

Name Level Task Max/Day
Mighty Blast 50 Hit with Horn of Gondor-icon.png Horn of Gondor 500 times 50
Always in Control 50 Use Ferocious Strikes-icon.png Ferocious Strikes, Exchange of Blows-icon.png Exchange of Blows, or Adamant (Skill)-icon.png Adamant 75 times 10
Bountiful Mercy 50 Strike with Merciful Strike-icon.png Merciful Strike 350 times 35

Legendary Deeds

Each Legendary Deed (7) grants Class Trait Point-icon.png 1 Class Trait Point.

  • Finding all pages of a book grants 10 LOTRO Point ; completing a Moria deed grants 20 LOTRO Point 
  • The "Mines of Moria" point is logged in the Deed Log under "Class/Race/Epic" on the "Epic" tab
  • The Level 50 Class Quest point is logged in the Quest Log under completed quests under Captain
Name Level Task
The Artisan Blade 39 Buy The Artisan Blade from a Champion Trainer and find the missing pages (8)
The Joy of Battle 39 Buy The Joy of Battle from a Champion Trainer and find the missing pages (8)
The Tome of Swords 39 Buy The Tome of Swords from a Champion Trainer and find the missing pages (8)
The Boldest Road 50 Complete the following quests:
The Boldest Road
  1. [50] The Boldest Road is Discipline
  2. [50] A Lesson from Gimli
The Mines of Moria 55 Complete Books I through VI of Volume II
The Path of the Martial Champion 58 Complete the following quests:

Path of the Martial Champion

  1. [58] Path of the Martial Champion
  2. [58] Controlled Burn
  3. [58] Getting Strong Now
  4. [58] Boast
  5. [58] Glory
  6. [58] Heroics (Optional) - Fellowship
The Boiling Rage 58 Buy and read The Boiling Rage

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