Quest:A Blade of Renown

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A Blade of Renown
Level 15
Type Solo
Starts with Any Champion Trainer
Ends with Ultan Foebane
Ends at Staddle
End Region Bree-land
Map Ref [30.3S, 49.9W]
Quest Group Champion
Class Champion
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'A champion is happiest in battle, <name>, protecting the weak and fighting for the helpless. I can see in your eye that you have already come to understand that. Now you need to hone your skills so that you may survive the difficulties this calling will set before you!

'There is a mighty champion, a dwarf by the name of Ultan Foebane, who is sure to give you some advice to help you become even stronger, if you can prove that you are worthy of being called a champion. I know that you can prove this to him, <name>.

'As I heard it, Ultan Foebane was looking for adventurers at the Combe-gate, on the eastern side of the town of Bree. Present yourself to him and be ready to prove yourself a champion!'


The name of a champion goes before him, carried on the wind by those for whom he fights. It cows his enemies and lifts the hearts of good people everywhere.

Objective 1

Ultan Foebane is at the Combe-gate on the east side of the town of Bree.

You have been told to speak with Ultan Foebane, a mighty champion travelling through the Bree-land, for the dwarf may be able to help you become stronger.

Champion Trainer: 'Look for Ultan Foebane at the Combe-gate on the east side of town. he has been looking for stalwart champions whose mettle he can test ever since he came to Bree-land.'
Ultan Foebane: 'You say you're a champion, <name>, but I have to tell you that I've never heard of you. What great deeds have you performed? None that I have seen, and still there is great danger in the surrounding countryside!
'I will recognize you as a champion only if you can slay three of the evils that threaten this town of Men. I give you their names and their favourite haunts and ask only that you end them and return to me!
'With the use of these notes, a real champion would be able to bring safety to these lands and inspire the people with word of his deeds.'
Collected Ultan Foebane's Notes

Objective 2

Ultan Foebane has given you a list containing the locations of three deadly enemies to dispatch.

To prove you are a worthy champion, Ultan Foebane has tasked you with slaying three threats to the folk of Bree-land.

Ultan Foebane: 'I gave you my notes on the locations of three deadly foes, <name>. Dispatch these oppoonents and return and I will give you some small measure of training! Are you a champion or are you not.'
Zhurpukh of the Deeps says, "Zhurpukh not let you pass!"
Defeated Zhurpukh of the Deeps
Fair Sherman says, "You cannot defeat Fair Sherman!"
Defeated Fair Sherman
Morley the Fierce says, "It's over for you!"
Defeated Morley the Fierce

Objective 3

Ultan Foebane is at the Combe-gate on the east side of the town of Bree.

You have defeated the three opponents that Ultan Foebane challenged you to best and should now return in victory to the dwarf.

Ultan Foebane: 'News of your battles come before you, <name>, for the whole town speaks of them!
'Zhurpukh of the Deeps will no more sneak from the marshes in search of open windows and unlatched doors! Fair Sherman? More lovely in death, they say! And of Morley the Fierce, the people say only this -- that he was not fierce enough to best <name>, a worthy champion indeed!
'The people in this town of Men speak the truth, friend champion. I will give you some measure of instruction in the fighting arts, the better to improve the strikes you make at your enemies!'