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Class is a fundamental choice of a player character for Lord of the Rings Online which determines your skills and abilities throughout your adventuring career, and also profoundly affects your stats, deeds, and the equipment available to you. Choosing a class can be constrained by the choice of race.

  Dwarf Elf High Elf Hobbit Man Beorning
Beorning Beorning-icon.png
Burglar     Burglar-icon.png Burglar-icon.png
Captain     Captain-icon.png Captain-icon.png
Champion Champion-icon.png Champion-icon.png Champion-icon.png   Champion-icon.png
Guardian Guardian-icon.png Guardian-icon.png Guardian-icon.png Guardian-icon.png Guardian-icon.png
Hunter Hunter-icon.png Hunter-icon.png Hunter-icon.png Hunter-icon.png Hunter-icon.png
Lore-master   Lore-master-icon.png Lore-master-icon.png   Lore-master-icon.png
Minstrel Minstrel-icon.png Minstrel-icon.png Minstrel-icon.png Minstrel-icon.png Minstrel-icon.png
Rune-keeper Rune-keeper-icon.png Rune-keeper-icon.png Rune-keeper-icon.png
Warden Warden-icon.png Warden-icon.png Warden-icon.png Warden-icon.png
Beorning-icon.png Burglar-icon.png Captain-icon.png Champion-icon.png Guardian-icon.png Hunter-icon.png Lore-master-icon.png Minstrel-icon.png Rune-keeper-icon.png Warden-icon.png
Classes Be Bu Ca Ch Gu Hu Lm Mi Rk Wd
Skills Be Bu Ca Ch Gu Hu Lm Mi Rk Wd
Traits Be Bu Ca Ch Gu Hu Lm Mi Rk Wd
Deeds Be Bu Ca Ch Gu Hu Lm Mi Rk Wd

Class Roles:

  Tank DPS: Melee DPS: AoE DPS: Ranged Crowd control Debuffer Healer Buffer Pet Class
Guardian P S S            
Warden* P S   S          
Champion S P P            
Burglar   P     S P      
Hunter     S P S        
Captain S S         S P Captain-icon.png
Rune-keeper*     S P   S P    
Lore-master     S S P P S S Lore-master-icon.png
Minstrel     S P S   P S  
Beorning** S P       S    

P=Primary, S=Secondary
* Available with purchase of Mines of Moria or individually from the LotRO Store.
** Available for purchase individually from the LotRO Store.
Taken from the LotRO manual.



Beornings are descend from ancient Men, from Grimbeorn and Beorn himself. They can "skin-change" into bears when angered. They are gruff, distrustful, impolite, respect all creatures of nature, and hate Orcs more than anything.

Cost: Beorning cost 1,000 LOTRO Points from the LOTRO Store, even for VIP's.
Available to Races: Beorning
The Beorning was added with Update 15 - Gondor Aflame - November 5, 2014
For details see Beorning



The Burglar is a master of stealth and misdirection. Burglars are able to confound foes with a variety of clever and debilitating tricks. They also excel at attacking from the shadows, allowing them to take enemies by surprise.

Available to Races: Hobbit, Man
For details see Burglar



The Captain is a masterful leader, a commanding presence who strengthens allies, but is also skilled in the use of arms. Their battle cries strike fear into the hearts of their enemies, while their allies rally to their banners of war.

Note: while Captains have a variety of NPC heralds they can summon, only one may be active at any given time.

Available to Race: Man, High Elf
For details see Captain



The Champion is the consummate warrior, unrelenting in battle. Their fervour allows them to make increasingly powerful attacks. Champions excel at melee combat and can absorb punishment with their Heavy Armour.

Available to Races: Dwarf, Elf, High Elf, Man
For details see Champion



The Guardian is a protector of the weak and defender of those in need. He is capable of withstanding mighty blows and retaliating in kind. The true Guardian stands to the forefront of battle, shielding his allies from the blows of their enemies.

Available to Races: Dwarf, Elf, High Elf, Hobbit, Man
For details see Guardian



The Hunter is a master of field and forest, unmatched with the bow. Hunters use their survival skills to guide their companions and lay traps for their enemies. Hunters are at their strongest when attacking from a distance, but they are able to defend themselves in melee combat, when needed.

Inspired by Legolas, Prince of Mirkwood, a mighty hunter and companion of Aragorn, the Hunter is the master of ranged damage with additional skills in crowd control and support.
With his ability to travel quickly to many locations while taking his entire Fellowship with him (wayfaring), the Hunter has become known as the Middle-earth Taxi Service.
Available to Races: Dwarf, Elf, High Elf, Hobbit, Man
For details see Hunter



The Lore-master is a seeker of knowledge and a guardian of wisdom. They wield ancient secrets and lore to confound their foes and aid their friends, protecting them against the dark powers of the Enemy.

Available to Races: Elf, High Elf, Man
For details see Lore-master



The Minstrel is the heart of a fellowship, a herald of hope, inspiration, and renewal. His knowledge of ancient songs and lore not only enable him to bolster fellowship morale, but also to provide motivation against the forces of darkness. When the Minstrel is alone, he becomes an intimidating opponent capable of demoralizing foes through an assortment of ballads, cries, and calls.

Available to Races: Dwarf, Elf, High Elf, Hobbit, Man
For details see Minstrel


Framed Runekeeper-icon.png

Mystical linguists and masters of true names, Rune-keepers can heal in one battle and hurl destructive magic in the next.

Unleash the Fury of the Storm and call down lightning upon the enemy!
Recite Words of Grace and heal your fellowship.

Inspired by Master Elf-smith Celebrimbor, whose skill with runes of power was unparalleled, the Rune-keeper wields powerful lost language to blaze a path of destruction or restore their allies' strength.

Cost: Unlocking the Rune-keeper costs 795 LOTRO Points from the LOTRO Store, even for VIP's. Included with Mines of Moria Expansion.

Available to Races: Dwarf, Elf, High Elf

For details see Rune-keeper


Framed Warden-icon.png

Wardens are mobile melee combatants who also use Javelins for initiating combat and against ranged foes. Their unique Warden Shields and a variety of defensive skills allow them to stay in the fight longer than most. Basic Warden skills ("builders") build up their Gambits, which unleash special, more powerful effects. In fellowships, a Warden forces enemies to attack himself, so his more fragile allies will not be harmed by the foes.

Cost: Unlocking the Warden costs 795 LOTRO Points from the LOTRO Store, even for VIP's. Included with Mines of Moria Expansion.

Available to Races: Elf, High Elf, Hobbit, Man

For details see Warden