The Duellist

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The Duellist (Red line) is a Mariner Trait Tree. The other two trait trees of this class are The Shanty-caller and The Rover.

The Duellist
Weaves dramatic combinations of strikes to deal relentless damage
Duellists are masters of single combat, relying on sword-play and footwork to face down their enemies head on.
Skills Earned:


These skills are acquired by spending trait points in the Duellist (red) trait tree. You can only obtain the set skills if you specialize in this tree.

Skill Category Attunes Range Cooldown Source
 Feint Melee 1 4m 10s Set: Initial skill
 Cut-over Melee 2 4m 10s Set:  Cut-over
 Salt-sea Blade Melee + Debuff 3 4m 7s Trait:  Salt-sea Blade
 Check-step Melee 4 4m 5s Set:  Check-step
 Dodge Buff 2 Self 10s Trait:  Dodge
 Compound Attack Melee 4 4m 10s Trait:  Compound Attack
 Flèche Melee 5 6.2m 20s Set:  Flèche

Set Bonuses

Set Bonus Description Source
 Cut-over Gains skill:  Cut-over Set: 5+ total ranks
 Check-step Changes:  Step Back to  Check-step Set: 10+ total ranks
 Relentless Advance Improves skill:  Lunge Set: 15+ total ranks
 Between the Links Buff Set: 20+ total ranks
 Follow-through Improves skill:  Advance Set: 25+ total ranks
 Lightweight Blade Buff Set: 30+ total ranks
 Flèche Gains skill  Flèche Set: 35+ total ranks


Tree Traits Description Source
 Lean Forward Buff Trait: 0+ ranks
 Deep Punctures Buff Trait: 0+ ranks
 Sharpened Blades Buff Trait: 0+ ranks
 A Duellist's Honour Buff Trait: 0+ ranks
 Tempered Steel Buff Trait: 5+ ranks
 Salt-sea Blade Gain skill Salt-sea Blade Trait: 5+ ranks
 Dodge Gain skill Dodge Trait: 10+ ranks
 A Step Back Improves skill Step Back / Check-step Trait: 10+ ranks
 Attacker's Advantage Improves skill Advance Trait: 10+ ranks
 Slashing Blade Improves skill Advance Trait: 10+ ranks
 Balanced Techniques Buff Trait: 15+ ranks
 The Biting North Wind Improves skill The North Wind Trait: 15+ ranks
 Salted Wounds Buff Trait: 20+ ranks
 Compound Attack Gain skill Compound Attack Trait: 20+ ranks
 Conclusive Strike Buff Trait: 25+ ranks
 Test Defences Buff Trait: 25+ ranks
 Double-time Changes skill Shanty: Steady Fore to Fore with Haste Trait: 30+ ranks, Level 45
 Confident Lunges Improves skills Flèche & Lunge Trait: 30+ ranks, Level 45