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Stealth is an ability which allows a character to "sneak" around unseen. Mobs can still sense your presence, especially if you move in front of them. Movement speed is reduced but time can be saved by avoiding fights. Stealth level can be improved by the use of certain stealth items (currently pocket items and cloaks).

Stealthing is a hallmark ability of the Burglar and the Monster Player Warg Stalker.

Burglars gain the ability  Sneak at level 1. Burglars can also take a fellow into Stealth if they stay close by use of  Share the Fun; movement speed becomes 30%. Burglars can also suddenly hide from view in combat using  Hide in Plain Sight (HiPS) which makes them undetectable for 10 seconds.

Warg Stalkers use their own version of  Stealth, and can also  Disappear if the battle turns against them.

Hunters can go into stealth mode via  Camouflage which briefly increases their Critical Rating; but they cannot move around stealthed.

Wardens can use  Careful Step to move in stealth for a short time, usually to  Ambush their foes.

Hobbits and Elves have a slottable racial ability to Stealth ( Hobbit-stealth and  Silvan Shadows); these abilities have a movement speed of 50% and cooldown of 30 minutes.

Lore-masters acquire a Lynx pet that automatically uses stealth ( Surprise Attack; and some mobs (eg Lynx, Wargs and Hill-men) may also initially be stealthed when encountered.

Session Play rangers can move unseen via  Ranger stealth. Their most devastating attack,  Fly True can only be used when in stealth mode.