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Cosmetic Items allow one to customize the look of your character. Once a character reaches level 20, any character on that account may then wear cosmetic items.

  • They can be stored in your Wardrobe and thereby shared with all characters on your account on the same server. Once in the Wardrobe, it is not necessary for each character to obtain or maintain a copy of the original item in that character's inventory.
  • Monster players also have access to Appearance Traits.
  • In your Character window, there is an additional page with several tabs where you may equip cosmetic armour and accessories. No bonuses are given for items in these slots, as they are intended for appearances only. Only the "armour" slots may be used for cosmetic purposes. Weapons, jewellery or pocket items cannot be cosmetically equipped.

Lalia's Market


  • Mannequins are found throughout Middle-earth displaying cosmetic clothing outfits available for purchase.
  • Double clicking on the Mannequin opens up a Dressing Room window and a Pop-up allowing you to purchase the outfit for 50 Mithril Coin .

Dressing Room

  • The Dressing Room window allows you to preview any dye colour for any cosmetic component.
Head / Back / Shoulder / Chest / Glove / Leg / Boot
  • To call up the Dressing Room window, mouse over any item you can equip (including weapons and LIs) and ctrl+left click.
  • You can access the Dressing Room from any item in your Pack, Wardrobe or Vault storage.
  • To equip an item in the Dressing Room, simply click on that item.
  • You can view ALL available dye colours in the Dressing Room, even if you do not have a container of that colour available.

War-steed Appearance

Distinctive barding is available for War-steeds allow customization of its appearance. However, these cosmetic appearances do not change any war-steed stats.

War-steed appearances come from a variety of sources:

  • Base cosmetics from obtaining a war-steed.
  • Pre-purchasing certain expansions. For example, the Rohan Expansion came with a matching five-piece War-steed appearance set, the Rohirrim Elite Set received when Riders of Rohan launched, 15 October 2012.
  • Certain mounts from the LOTRO Store come with matching war-steed appearances.
  • Purchased directly from the LOTRO Store. Many of these can be seen on Outfitted War-horse displays in East and West Rohan.
  • Quests such as those in Rohan.
  • Warband spoils in Rohan.
  • For barter during festivals.

Components are available for:

War-steed Body
War-steed Gear
War-steed Head
War-steed Hide
War-steed Legs
War-steed Saddle
War-steed Tail

War-steed Appearance panel

  • This is a tab on the Mounted Combat panel
  • The War-steed Appearance panel lets you customize your steed's cosmetic equipment as well as the colours applied to that equipment.
  • You can store several different pre-set appearances for your war-steed and more outfit slots can be purchased in the LOTRO Store

War-steed Appearance Colour Picker

  • The colour pickers on the War-steed Appearance panel allow you to change the colour of your steed's cosmetic equipment.
  • Head, body and legs slots share the same available colours (War-steed Equipment Dye)
  • Hide and tail slots have their own unique colour sets (War-steed Colour).
  • Additional colours are sold in the LOTRO Store on a per character basis.

*Note: Scroll down to find the Item page under 'File Usage'. If there are more than one, it means they all share the same appearance.